Yucatan Peninsula Airports

Yucatan Peninsula Airports – First Class

Yucatan Peninsula Airports – First Class

How to arrive at Playa del Carmen


Yucatan Peninsula Airports – First Class Infrastructure

Cancun International Airport

First of all, the airport is known to be an airport for tourists. Because of the popularity of the place, more than 14 million people arrive at Cancun International Airport. The place is located in the Quintana Roo district near Riviera Maya. It is a central place for starting the journey.


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Hotels and restaurants are near to the airport. Also, the expected tourist spots are not very far from the Cancun International Airport. Playa del Carmen, Merida, Puerto Morelos and the hotel zone are easily accessible from the place. Basically, the airport has the way to make your journey even better with a fine start after arriving.

  • Tourist Card

Being an international airport, tourists from any part of the world can get in directly. After the arrival, the warm Mexican welcome pleases the travelers. The immigration service in the place is very fast. There is a special tourist card available for the newcomers. It gives you a clarification from the Mexican government that you are no part of any illegal staying.

  • Transportation

The second interesting part of the airport is prompt hotel transportation system. If you are new in Mexico and don’t know the native language, the airport will take care of your transportation to the hotel. All you have to do is handing over the address of your reserved hotel. There are buses and minivans at different rates. The ADO bus service is the most popular here. It travels in almost all the regions of the nearby tourist spots.

  • Rent-a-car

Do you want to spend the vacation all on your own and have an international driving license? Rent a car from the airport service. The best part of renting a car that you will not have to wait for the driver anymore. But you must abide by the traffic rule of Mexico. A prior knowledge of the streets and weather is a plus when you rent a car.

Don´t you forget to reserve a hotel before coming to Mexico? Don’t regret! ENJOY has a special arrangement for you. It contains the best hospitality service for the tourists. You can contact them to know the available hotel rooms in the tourist cities. Reserve or book from your home, even from your mobile and grab transport quickly.

  • Currency Exchange

Though foreign currency is exchangeable in some places, the Cancun International Airport has the most trustworthy currency conversion system. You need to convert the currency to Peso for roaming in the region.

  • Lounge

If the system takes more time than necessary, the VIP lounge of Cancun is waiting for you. Get anything from there. Grab a coffee or drink a glass of beer. The snacks are available too. You can pass some time reading books.

Cancun Airport is designed to welcome tourists from every corner of the world. You will start to feel the goosebump inside your heart after arriving at this international airport.


Cozumel International Airport

If Cozumel is your next island to visit, the Cozumel International Airport should be your first choice to get in fast. Mostly, the flights from Playa del Carmen and Cancun International Airport are directed to Cozumel. Rather than having international arrivals, the airport remains busy with domestic flights.

Cozumel International Airport is made for tourists on this island. So, most of the advantages are available from here. There are some international flights available from the airport. But they are not frequent.

The lounge of the airport has been expanded recently in order to make the place cozier for the tourists. A lot of souvenirs are available here. Either you are entering or exiting, buy some souvenirs.

There are a few restaurants in the airport. If you feel hungry, grab a bite from there. Seafood is the best item on Cozumel. You can taste the seafood right at the beginning of your journey.

Cozumel is a popular tourist zone and a heaven for turtle-lovers. So, you need to stay here for long to enjoy the beautiful island. Hotel Reservation service is available at ENJOY, so you don´t have to do it at the airport. You just have to pay a fee and contact in the reception.

Also, quick car rental service is very popular in this airport. If you don’t want to drive a car, also use the common transport system of the airport to reach the destination.

Finally, Cozumel International Airport is opened all year long as it is a major communication system with the other airports of the Yucatan Peninsula. But in September-October and January-February, you should check the weather forecast before planning for arriving at the Cozumel airport. Because of unfriendly weather or wind, the airport may cancel the flights. It happens only in these seasons. Otherwise, the place remains blessed with a plenty of tourists.


Chetumal International Airport

Chetumal International Airport is another beautiful airport of the Quintana Roo district. It is smaller than the other but has a great importance in the tourist industry. Locating in Chetumal, it mostly deals with the domestic flights from other airports. When you complete visiting the south side of the Yucatan Peninsula and have a plan for visiting Chetumal, grab a ticket for this airport.

The airport is undergoing some renovation processes. There is a café for the passengers. That is available only in the morning.

Also, you will find the car rental service at the airport. Chetumal is a large area to visit. So, you may also get the internal bus service. Both of them are available at a reasonable rate. The transportation to the hotel is a paid service provided by the airport.

The international flights in Chetumal mostly arrive from Atlanta and Dallas. And, other flights are domestic ones. Depending on your destination, get a seat for the national or international tours.


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