Yucatan Peninsula - ENJOY Playa del Carmen

Yucatan Peninsula: A Perfect Mexican Tourist Spot

Yucatan Peninsula: A Perfect Mexican Tourist Spot


Yucatan Peninsula holds the attraction for any traveler from all over the world. This Mexican tourist spot is gaining a plenty of visitors every day. The visitors are coming from different corners of the world for enjoying a beautiful vacation.

You may wonder, “what is so special about Yucatan Peninsula?” Don’t worry! You are about to find out a brief overview of this tourist spot.

Yucatan Peninsula - ENJOYWhere is the Yucatan Peninsula?

Right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is a combined area of three different regions. Campeche, Mexican States of Yucatan and Quintana Roo are included in the region.


Reasons to Go to the Yucatan Peninsula: What Attracts to Tourists

More than 11 million people visited this amazing site in the year 2017 (source). It means there is something which is bringing that large number of people. Let’s take a look at them.


No matter which part of the world a tourist belongs, everyone just loves beaches. And, the Yucatan Peninsula has a lot of them. Cancun, the city of Quintana Roo and Playa del Carmen are the two heavens for sunbathing (Top Ten Beaches).

The blue water of the Caribbean sea is going to win your heart. Also, Playa del Carmen is a place to find the best spot for sunbathing.

Once you are on this peninsula, there is no chance of missing the great sight of the beaches.

Beaches Riviera Maya - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

White Sand Beaches!



A cenote is one of the most attractive places for tourists of the Yucatan Peninsula. Actually, it is the biggest source of water in this region.

Now, the cenote means a cave filled with water. Tourists get a chance to swim in there and go inside the caves. Each of these spots bears the natural history of thousand years.

The Mayan Underworld! - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

The Mayan Underworld!


Archaeological Sites

Maya Civilization was built in this region. That was an advanced civilization which is thousands of years old. There are a lot of archaeological relics still in the Yucatan Peninsula. Every tourist takes the chance to visit these places.

  • Chichen Itza: This is an ancient city built by the Mayan Civilization in Yucatan State. El Castillo is a Mayan pyramid situated at the center of this city.

Each month, visitors pay a visit to this archaeological site.

  • Uxmal: Just like Chichen Itza, Uxmal is another beautifully built Mayan city. Archaeologists consider this site as an important element of the modern civilization started by Mayans in the Yucatan state of Mexico.

People go there to see the pyramid of the Soothsayer.

  • Coba: Not very far from Yucatan, Coba is the Mayan city established by the Mayans in their classic period. It is located in Quintana Roo.

If you are in the Yucatan Peninsula and have a great interest in archaeology, don’t miss the chance to visit Coba.


Mayan Ruins a unique experience! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Mayan Ruins a unique experience!


Natural Beauties of Yucatan

Are you a bird watcher? Either you are or not, the Yucatan Peninsula has more than 450 bird species in the territory.

Flamingos are waiting for welcoming you to the Rio Celestun park. The park is near to Merida. You need to book a trip to visiting this beautiful park.

For explorers and adventure lovers, the Yucatan Peninsula has left a lot of undiscovered places in the Sian Kan Biosphere Reserve forest. It is a wildlife tour where you will get the chance to discover new Mayan temples.

Some of the temples are totally untouched to give the tourists a feeling of exploring. This park also includes mangrove trees and coral reefs.

All Day Long Adventure

  • Dolphin: To enjoy the beautiful company of this cute creature, you need to take a ride to Playa del Carmen. There, you will find parks for enjoying the game of dolphin schools.

  • Swimming with Sharks: Scared of sharks? In Isla Holbox of Yucatan district, you will get the opportunity to take a bath or race with whale sharks. Don’t worry about getting eaten! These are purely vegetarian.

  • Wildlife Tours: Yucatan Peninsula is full of wildlife sights. There is green everywhere. To take a leave from the tiring urban life, book a wildlife tour and hop in a jeep.

Also, the trips can be enjoyed by cable cars in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. But we suggest taking a jeep if you love to drive at your will.

  • Xel-Há: This is a theme park for full refreshment. Some people get scared of ocean water or beaches. Why ruin the vacation in fear? This is why visiting this aquatic theme park will be a great idea for any Yucatan Peninsula visitor.

Nightlife in Yucatan

When the world sleeps, the Yucatan Peninsula keeps the party on. The night is the most delightful part of the day in this amazing state. You can simply join any party you wish.

Casinos are everywhere. Rooftop parties and street foods are served all night long.

Tired of poolside urban parties? Take a barbecue machine and go to the beaches. Party with friends all night. There is no restriction until you break any vital law.

The enjoyment and safety of tourists get the first priority.

Shopaholic? No Worry! Yucatan is for You!

Some tourists want to shop a lot during a trip or traveling. Finding a suitable tourist spot that has shopping malls is a plus.

This is the reason, people come to visit Yucatan very often. There are shops and mall everywhere.

The 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen is the biggest selling point of the state. Once you just start a walk, there are shops on both sides.

Cancun’s La Isla Shopping Village is also a renowned place for buying a souvenir for your dear ones. The price is very reasonable.

Luxury Avenue is for buying the best Mexican made fabrics. You may find the handmade clothes with extremely comfortable in this shopping mall. The mall is in Cancun too.

Safety Issues of Yucatan Peninsula

The increasing number of tourists in the Yucatan Peninsula has decreased the crime rate in the state. Until the year 2008, it was not safe enough to walk at night in the alleys of Cancun.

Now, the crime rate is absolutely low. The inhabitants of the city have a generous mindset. Their business and jobs are most dependable to tourists. So, they try to provide security for tourists. This intention has reduced the crime rate to zero.

Even, you can sleep on the beaches without fearing snatchers. Tourist polices are everywhere to protect the respected visitors.

Where to Stay?

There are two options. If your budget is sufficient and wants to enjoy the ocean view, book a beach-side hotel. You will get a nice view in the morning. It is quite expensive.

To keep the budget low, renting a resort is also a good idea. There are resorts and private paying guest houses near the beaches of the state.

How to Move in Yucatan Peninsula

Car rental service is very cheap. You can hire a car if you hold an international driving license. This will give you the freedom to visit anywhere.

Also, the ADO bus service is cheaper and tourists can access anywhere. But you may need a detailed map for using the service.

Reaching at Yucatan from Anywhere in the World

Grab a ticket of Cancun airport and hop into an airplane. Done! You are on the way to this stunning peninsula.


The Yucatan Peninsula is a nice and perfect place for enjoying a holiday. The climate is friendly in every season. But there is a rush in March-April. Visitors come with family or with friends. The times spent here will be enjoyable for everyone. So, make a plan and have a safe tour. Have fun!


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