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Uxmal: The Mayan City Which Was Built Three Times

Uxmal: The Mayan City Which Was Built Three Times

Traveling remains incomplete if the top position is missed. And, every tourism spot has some unique places to visit. When you are traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting Uxmal is a must.

Is one of the most decorated Mayan cities of Mexico and declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO. The palaces, temples, and elite buildings of the city has made it extraordinary than the others.

Feeling interested in visiting Uxmal? Here you go with all the necessary information about this ancient city!

“How to get in UXMAL easily”

The nearest city to the main site is Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula. While planning for the trip to Mexico, you need to begin the tour from the Cancun International Airport. Reach to the Merida city on a bus.

From Merida, there are two convenient options. Either you can take a bus and ride to Uxmal, or simply hire a “collectivo” van. This van is more available than a bus.

Uxmal is beside the highway of Merida to Campeche. To get the most convenient and free ride to Uxmal, it will be best to rent a car (if your budget is sufficient).

“When Does the Site Open?”

Unlike the other archaeological site, Uxmal has a particular time schedule. It is opened for visiting in daylight. The beauty of the night in this ancient city is not accessible to the public.

The gate opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening. Though this seems a short duration, the time is enough!

We recommend starting the trip early in the morning. Being a world heritage site, the entrance remains crowded and it will be hard to grab a ticket from there! The earlier you get there, the easier will be to get an entrance.

“What Will We See in Uxmal?”

A plenty of ancient Mayan infrastructures!

Archaeologists have assumed that Uxmal has a political and economic alliance with Chichen Itza, another great Mayan city built in the same pre-Colombian period.

Most of the infrastructures indicate an advanced civilization. The actual meaning of the word “Uxmal” is “built three times”. Archaeologists presumed that the city was invaded and taken over by different civilization three times.

In every part of the Mayan city, there is a reflection of elegance and aristocracy. The palaces and temples bear the memory that the city was used for controlling the mass. It was actually populated by astrologers and scholars of the Mayan civilization.

Now, let’s have a look at the places to visit when you are in Uxmal.

The Magician’ House

The journey of this historical site starts from the House of Magician. You can see it right after entering. Basically, it is a pyramid of the chief Mayan Magician.

There is a rumor heard from the area that Itzamna built the pyramid in one night. Well, the legend is not true as the archaeologists have carbon-dated the infrastructure. It took five phases for completing the whole building.

The House of Magician was used by the High Priest to worship the setting sun.

The Mayan Nunnery Quadrangle of Uxmal

Actually, it was like a dormitory of the learners. People from all over the Yucatan Peninsula came to Uxmal for learning astrology, healing, and preaching.

The Nunnery of Uxmal is a large infrastructure made of stones and marbles. The Mayans believed that healers and priests are the holiest of all and dearest to the God.

You will be able to see some ancient hieroglyphic inscription written on the walls of the nunnery. Some pictures drawn on the walls will give you an idea of the ancient Mayan healing process.

The Palace of the Governor

If you really want to see some elegant sculpture and beautiful stonework, the Palace of the Governor is the right place!

The place was used for political decision making and controlling the allied cities. Chichen Itza has a similar palace known as the El Castillo, but not as decorated as the Uxmal’s.

In the palace, there are a lot of sculptures including the Chaac, Snake, and Stars. These are the evidence that Mayan used to worship the nature to get favor from rain and climate.

"World Heritage" site by UNESCO - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

“World Heritage” site by UNESCO

House of Turtles

If you ask which the best part of the Yucatan Peninsula is, the answer would be turtles! The people in Uxmal had also the affection to Turtles. The house of turtles includes more than a hundred turtle sculptures.

According to Mayan legend, worshiping turtles was the way to get immortality. They practiced the tradition for hundreds of years.


This one is a mysterious infrastructure of Uxmal. It is unclear for Archaeologists to explain why such small chambers exist. It looks like a large dovecot for pigeons.

Now, you can visit and find your own thought about the Dovecot!

Apart from these ones, the house of Aged Woman, ballcourt, etc. are worth visiting.

“Can I spend a night in The City?”

Inside the city, staying or setting up a campfire is not allowed. But, there is a bigger chance of enjoyment in Uxmal.

El Adivino, a pyramid built by the Mayans in Puuc design, organizes a sound and light show every night. It worth watching!

And, for staying purpose, the Uxmal Lodge, Hacienda Uxmal, Villas Uxmal Club Med, etc. are some well-known hotels. They offer reasonable prices, but you need to book the room before going to the city.

Safety in Uxmal

Being a world heritage site, Uxmal maintenance is extraordinary. The only thing that may bother you is the hawkers. They sell Mayan boutique and foods inside the site at a high price. You will find the same thing outside at a cheaper rate. So, beware of buying them and take your necessary snacks on the trip.

Uxmal of the Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula is getting a plenty of tourist attraction. On your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to include the site for enjoying the beauty of ancient Mayan structure. Have fun!



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