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Tulum: The Town of Mayan Yoga

Tulum: The Town of Mayan Yoga

Tulum, also known as Tulum Pueblo is one of the most enriched cities in the Yucatan Peninsula with Mayan Ruins, beaches and a lot of more tourist spots! It takes an hour and a half to reach from the Cancun International Airport. So, this stunning town can be the next spot of your vacation.

In the last year, Tulum has welcomed 15 million visitors. The reason for growing such interest among the people is the opportunities for spending a peaceful vacation in Tulum.

Where is Tulum?

Tulum is a beachside town in Mexico. It is in the Quintana Roo district of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its nearby tourist spot is Playa del Carmen. Generally, Tulum remains at the last of the least in a whole vacation plan to Mexico.

Starting the vacation from Cancun and finishing at Tulum will be a wise plan. Tourists get back with a positive vibe and some unforgettable enjoyment from Tulum.

How Long and Where can I Stay in Tulum?

The city has a population of twenty thousand permanent people. Sixty percent of them are totally dependable on tourism for a living. The rest of the population is either involved in fishing or services.

Directly or indirectly, everyone has a connection with the tourists. This is why you need not worry about staying.

Observing the growing rate of tourism, people have built a lot of hotels, resorts, and rental apartments. Consider your budget while deciding where to stay. You can stay in the main town or beach road south and north. These three places are equally populated with tourists.

Places to Visit

Honestly, one week is not enough for visiting all the places. But, you can make a compact tour plan for it. Here, you will find a brief overview on where to go in Tulum for getting the maximum enjoyment during the trip.

Cenotes: The starter for the trip to Tulum

The best way to describe a cenote is a water paradise in a natural cave filled with water. When you are in Tulum, you have the chance to visit the top two cenotes of the whole region.

If you are visiting the cities of the Yucatan Peninsula and you miss the chance of swimming in El Gran Cenote of Tulum, it will be regretful. Among all the other cenotes in the peninsula, this one is the best!

In your tour plant to Tulum, keep El Gran Cenote at the top position. It will give you a refreshing start. Swimming in the fresh water is such an experience!

  • Tomcat-Ha Cenote

Aren’t you satisfied with El Gran? Then, Tamcach-Ha provides you another chance of visiting a deep sinkhole inside a jungle.

When to visit a cenote?

The ideal time for visiting a cenote is morning. The reason is that it remains calm and quiet. You will notice fewer crowds. Don’t forget to take your swimming outfit!

Laguna Kaan Luum

This place is wider than a cenote and has a plenty to enjoy! You can spend a whole day floating on a tube. The blue water of the lagoon and the surrounding green forest will not let you get tired.

Mayan Ruins

Every part of the Yucatan Peninsula is filled with Mayan Ruins. Tulum is no different. Though it does not have places like Chichen Itza or Coba, there are plenty of others.

Muyil is one of the most visited archaeological sites of Tulum. There are small temples and houses of the Mayan people. It is a must-to-visit place.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Being a tropical country, Tulum has a variety of species and animals. This natural reserve situated near the Riviera Maya gives you a small projection of the fact.

Rare species of monkeys, flamingos, and crocodiles are the major interest of this ecological park. However, lying in a hammock near the riverside gives the perfect feeling of wildlife.

Spa and Yoga

Who wants to miss a chance of getting one of the most famous yoga classes in a natural environment? Tulum has some great yoga studios and spa centers both for male and female.

Getting in a weekly morning session in these beachside yoga centers will give you enormous stamina. Sandra is known to be the famous yoga studio.

Yoga classes at Tulum beach!  Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Yoga classes at Tulum beach!



The greenish-blue Caribbean Sea water is the most enchanting part of a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum has got an amazing beach with white sand. The glorious movement of flamingos and albatrosses is the best view while sunbathing.

Get a hammock from the nearest shop and grab a taco! The day will pass like a bullet train.

Also, scuba diving, surfing, and eating are the main attractions of a beach visit.

Food & Beverages

You can avail all the Mayan dishes and Mexican spicy foods in the hotels of Tulum. However, lobster, meatloaf, and sauces are the unavoidable parts of any meal.

If you like beverages, visit Huerto del Eden, the paradise of fruit juice and original coffee.


It depends upon your requirement and mindset for a tour. There are taxis and cabs everywhere in the city.

But we recommend renting a car to get the free movement around the city. Also, renting a bike is a good option. You can rent bikes on a daily basis.

A holiday can be fully enjoyed when every part of the spot is visited properly. This is why you should hire a tourist guide right after arriving at the Cancun airport.

Night at Tulum

Considered as the perfect place for the honeymoon. Take your spouse to a candlelight dinner at Hartwood, a fancy restaurant with the best Mexican dishes. Play in casinos. And, enjoy unlimited drinks at the party of Gitano.

If you are concerned about the safety issue, there is no large crime has been committed in the last 3 years. So, you can move freely around the city.

Tulum is a great town to visit. The cost is quite affordable and the place is properly decorated to entertain the tourists. Spending a vacation at Tulum can be the best experience of your life. Have fun!



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