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Tulum Ruins: The Seaport of Mayans

Tulum Ruins: The Seaport of Mayans

Tulum is one of the most visited tourist spots in Mexico. This state of Quintana Roo has a plenty to experience. Tulum Ruins from the ancient Mayan civilization is one of them.

Do you want to relax during the trip? Tulum ruins can be the relaxing point for you. The ruins are located at a place surrounded by more amazing spots. More than 2 million people come to Tulum every year and most of them go visiting Tulum Ruins.

This is an inseparable part of a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula.

“Tulum Ruins? What are the Specialties?”

The wind of the Caribbean Sea and the hot weather of Tulum, provide a special feeling while visiting the ruins. This is basically the ancient seaport built by the Mayan Civilization. Most of the trading and commercial ships docked here. Coba, the enriched Maya City operated their business using Tulum Seaport.

The whole city is surrounded by limestone walls. It gives a look of a fort. The place was used as a dockyard for the Spanish later on.

If you are looking for large infrastructures like Chichen Itza or Uxmal, Tulum Ruins will disappoint you. Rather, it is a place that can mesmerize you with the wildlife, beach and ancient buildings.

“Are you planning on visiting the Tulum Ruins?  Know these must-to-do things”

Tulum ruin is great to watch and crowded a lot. Tourists find it a point to relax and enjoy the Caribbean Sea at the same time. So, they come in groups and rush for visiting each square foot of Tulum ruins.

But, a good plan will give you the most amusement without hassling with the crowd. Let’s have a look at the plan.


The adjacent beach of Tulum Ruins is an amazing sight. As for Tulum, the whole place is highly populated with Mexican turtles. You need to be very careful while walking on the beach.

It is imperative that you avoid any kind of pile on the beach. Turtles usually lay eggs underneath the white sand and create a pile. For your part, we urge you to take all precautions to avoid any situation with turtles.


Tulum Ruins has three temples. The main purpose to control the inhabitants, traders and domestic sellers of the Mayan Civilization. Each of the temples has different types of operational tasks according to the information collected from the archaeologists.

  • El Castillo

This is a similar building that the one in Chichen Itza. It bears the proof that Tulum was once controlled by Chichen Itza. Though Coba was trying to occupy the Chichen Itza, its seaport was highly influenced by the traders of that city.

El Castillo is a pyramid consisting of several corridors and walkways. The evolution of Tulum over the years is a direct connection with the building of this pyramid. In the post-classic period, the city got a high reputation because of having such a great infrastructure.

  • Temple of Frescos

The Mayan civilization had a great knowledge of astronomy and astrology. In every Mayan ruin, there is evidence that they practiced the advanced form of astronomy. 

Temple of Frescos is a two-storied Mayan observatory. It was used for observing the movement of stars. According to the movement, the Mayan Calendar was created. It was also used for shipping and docking purpose.

From the recent findings by the archaeologists of Tulum Ruins, the Mayan traded products in distant cities through this seaport. The temple of Frescos was used to observe the sea condition and planetarium.

  • Temple of the Descending God

Venus was worshipped as the most powerful deity in the Mayan civilization. For paying the respect, they built the temple of Descending God. The priest believed that Venus controlled the stars and helps the ship to reach the coast.

You can see all of these inscriptions written on the walls of the temples. There are pictures and hieroglyphics showing how the deity was worshipped along with the other gods.

Unique Ruins by the Sea! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Unique Ruins by the Sea!



The wildlife of Tulum Ruins is truly great. We have already mentioned the turtles. There are reptiles lying on the ground everywhere in Tulum ruins. You need to be very careful about snakes.

The Snake is a blessing sign in Mexico. So, you have to avoid them. Iguanas are found in Tulum Ruins as well as the Sian Ka’an. This is a natural reserve center for wildlife.

There are Butterflies and seabirds on every stone of the Tulum Ruins. Their distinct features will give you warmth in the eyes.


There are cenotes nearby Tulum Ruins. The cenote water will be refreshing for you to get rid of the hot weather of this archaeological site. Grand Cenote, Maya Blue, Nohoch Kiin are the main attraction among the tourists.

Safety Issues of Tulum Ruins

Tulum ruin is just an ancient seaport unlike the large Mayan Cities such as Chichen Itza, Coba or Uxmal. That is why you don’t have to hire a tourist guide. You can visit the place alone, but recommend a guide.

Buying souvenirs and food from the entrance gate is not a good idea at all. They are expensive and low quality. To save money you can find the same thing or better souvenirs in the modern Tulum Town. You should bring food directly from the town. It will cost you less.

And, while visiting any place in the Yucatan Peninsula, you need to carry a bathing suit or swimsuit. Most of the tourist spots have either a cenote or a beach. Why miss that!

You should carry plenty of drinking water during the visit to the Tulum ruins. Getting heatstroke is very common here. An umbrella or a cowboy hat will be enough for covering the face from sunburn.

Finally, Tulum Ruins can be a good place to get close to the beach, cenote and an ancient Mayan seaport. Taking necessary precautions will help you to stay fit and healthy during the trip.

ENJOY the great seaside ruins!


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