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Top 10 Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula

Top 10 Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula

What’s your next tour plan? If it is Mexico, that will be a delicious dish for you! Well, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has the most amazing sites worth visiting. And, most of them are beaches and parks. But there is another beautiful part of the nature in Mexico. Cenote!

Why visiting a cenote of the Yucatan is so important for tourists?

For enjoyment!

We all know that water has the power of refreshing both body and soul. When you require something else rather than the Caribbean seawater for swimming, visit a cenote nearby.

A cenote is nothing but a natural cave filled with water and zooplankton. The best part of visiting a cenote is the underwater diving. It opens up a plenty of undiscovered beauty. Sounds fun? Here we present the top 10 cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula nearby Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, Riviera Maya, and similar tourist locations.

Cenote Azul

Are you in Playa del Carmen? The first cenote that you must visit is Azul. Because of its crystal clear water and plenty of fun tools, the place has become a central attraction for the tourists coming to the Yucatan.

The most convenient and cheapest way to get in Cenote Azul is collectivo. It is the Mexican minivan. If you rent a car, make sure you park in the right place after reaching. To get in the cenote, it will not take more than 30 minutes from Playacar or PDC.

The entry fee is quite higher than the other cenotes. You must reach there as soon as possible after sunrise. It gets crowded quickly. Swimming and diving in Azul are really one of the best things you will do while traveling in the PDC.


If you are done with visiting Coba ruins, it is time to jump in the cenote Choo-Ha. The reason for keeping this among the top ones is the outstanding stalagmites. The natural art coming down from the roof of the cave is so amazing to miss!

And, you will need to go deep inside the cenote to enjoy the water. Along with swimming, catch some beautiful moments with those stalagmites.

From Coba ruins, Choo-Ha is a walking distance. The fee to enter is very low and you may rent bathing suits from the shack.

Gran Cenote

Tulum is a stunning place to enjoy the holiday. And, the Gran Cenote can be the tastiest dish in your tour plan. Its beauty is incomparable. The palm trees surrounding the cave and bats swinging from the roof will remind you of some Batman movies!

However, the entry fee is high, but it worth visiting. Morning is the best time to get in there for enjoying the chirping of birds and avoid the crowd at the same time. For a safe travel, you should take the collectivo from Tulum town and get in there.

It is also near to the Coba ruins. Depending on your schedule, fix a plan for yourself. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a swimsuit.

La Noria

This one has possibly the bluest water among all. If you love adventure, go down to La Noria using the zip lining. The cenote is near to Puerto Morelos.

The specialty of the cenote is its deepness. You can go down to 20 meters using the scuba gear. Also, swinging inside the cave is a pure fun!

Though it is quite pricey, the time will pass well in there.

Ik Kil

When you are in Mexico, don’t let the chance go of visiting a sacred cenote believed by the Mayans. Not far from the Chichen Itza, Ik Kil bears the memory of a lot of sacrifices from the civilization.

You can swing using the vines. The water of Ik Kil has a stable temperature at any time of the year. So, it will not leave you from surprising. Hire a car from Chichen Itza to visit Ik Kil.


This one was undiscovered by the tourists for a long time. But the shining limestone walls of the cave have become an attractive cenote of the Valladolid.

The natural sunlight gives the Dzitnup a mesmerizing look. So, you must reach there during daylight. The cenote is quite far from the main town. Bringing your own rented transport will be wise.

Jardin del Eden

This is the most visited cenote of the PDC. That is why we have kept the name here though this is one of the largest and most beautiful cenotes. It is near the Cenote Azul. So, you can split the day for Eden and Azul. Another cenote near these two is coming right after this one.

The phytoplankton and the surrounded trees of Jardin del Eden can relax your mind and body just in a second. Interestingly, the water is not so deep and children can also swim in there.


Do you want to enjoy a sinkhole all by yourself? The less crowded yet one of the best cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula is Zaci. It has a tremendous amount of materials inside.

The water of Zaci is deep blue and beneath the water, a handful of gems is waiting for you. Using the underwater snorkeling tools will be really helpful.

The cenote is near the Valladolid town. So, you can just walk and reach the place rather than taking a cab or car.

Cenote Cristalino

The crystal clear water of the cenote and nearby two more cenotes (Azul and Eden) has increased the value of the place. You can take your dear ones and enjoy a whole trip floating, swimming, and diving in the water.

Dos Ojos

You may have wondered why we have kept this highly visited and popular cenote in the last. Well, we saved the last for the best. Dos Ojos has all the elements of catching a plenty of visitors. The bat cave as well as the combined blue-black sinkholes and myths about them! A pure recipe for tourists!

From Tulum, it takes very short time to get in. Enter in the cenote as early as possible.

Cenotes are the most attractive places to visit in the Yucatan peninsula. Abide by the guideline provided by the authority to stay safe while the tour. Dive deep and discover more! Have fun!


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