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Temazcal: The Ancient Mayan House for Purification

Temazcal: The Ancient Mayan House of Purification

Do you want to do something special on your next vacation in Mexico? Getting blended with the ancient Mayan tradition by a popular ceremony will be a great choice. Yes! I am talking about the Temazcal Ceremony.

The Yucatan Peninsula was the center of the Pre-Hispanic period and the Mayan Civilization. Most of the ruins found in here are decorated with the traditional Mayan cultures. They used several techniques to purify the mind, spirit, and body.

Continuing the legend about purification, still, there is a chance to experience the Temazcal Ceremony in Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Interested?

Well, today we are going to give a glimpse of this famous Mayan ritual of purification. Nowadays, tourists are becoming more interested in taking the lesson of Temazcal Ceremony.

“What Does Temazcal Mean?”

The actual meaning of Temazcal is “a house filled with heat.” It is a rounded infrastructure in which 10-12 people can sit in a circle. There is no ventilation system for this room. The room is made of volcanic rocks.

Some resorts and tourism agencies of the Yucatan Peninsula offer the tourists to participate in a Temazcal Ceremony. You need to book a participation entrance while you are in Mexico.

“Is It Hard to Participate?”

Honestly, Temazcal is a secure, lengthy and relaxing method of purification. According to the Mayan legend, the ceremony was held as a farewell to the soldiers.

A Shaman, from the indigenous tribe of Mexico, completes the necessary rituals. The Shaman is taught from his Mayan ancestors. In the whole journey of purification, he is the leader. And, the participators need to follow every rule that he orders.

“What Will I Have to Do in the Temazcal Ceremony?”

The ceremony starts with a greeting from the Shaman. He brings a bunch of things, including a conch. Every participator has to learn how to blow the conch. It sounds like a trumpet.

The sound of the conch is to call the ancestors.

Then, outside the Temazcal, the circular house of heat, the Shaman sits with the participators. He keeps the conch, two Mayan sculptures and some herbs in front of him. He recites something in the Mayan language. It sounds like a mix of Mexican-Spanish.

After the outdoor ritual, the Shaman enters into the Temazcal. The participators follow the Shaman and enter the dark room. Inside the house, there is no light except for the light from the volcanic fire.

Later on, the Shaman starts guiding everyone on a journey of life. The participators begin to sweat. Eventually, fear, stress, and negative emotions are started to be expressed. The purifying process of the ritual begins right after that.

The Shaman tells the participators to throw all the negativity along with the sweat. At the very last phase of the ceremony, the Shaman takes everyone on a meditative level. The meditation of the Mayan culture is quite different from the regular meditation technique.

Slowly and nicely, everyone starts contemplating, and the Shaman purifies them spiritually and physically with the copal. When the meditation is completed, the Shaman declares them as purified soul.

Hey! The Temazcal ceremony ends up swimming in the cenote. With a refreshing cenote experience, the participators get purified from inside and outside.

“I’m skeptical, should I participate?”

Of course! It is fun to participate. Just relax!

Almost all the participants of the Temazcal ceremony returned with a peaceful and relaxed experience. Depending on your capacity and health fitness, the ceremony will be a great journey.

If you are strictly skeptic about the relaxation process, try it for fun! The result will be impressive. At least you will get to know the Mayan tradition of greetings and farewells.

Temazcal Ceremony Playa del Carmen ENJOY

“Is there any risk of participating in the Temazcal?”

Firstly, you need to be careful about your blood pressure and a heart condition. People with high blood pressure should not participate in this ceremony. The extreme heat can raise the bar.

Also, in a meditative level guided by the Shaman, the heart starts to beat at an abnormal rate. This can affect heart patients.
Wear as less you can. Temazcal causes sweating. And, you will need to take a shower in the cenote right after completing the ritual. It is essential that you wear either a bathing suit or shorts.

“How to Enter”

Temazcal is like the Japanese steam bath. The only uniqueness is in meditation and spiritual journey with the Shaman. Tides Riviera Maya is a famous place for getting a pass for the Temazcal Ceremony.

In Cancun and Playa del Carmen, you will find tours to ENJOY Travel and local communities for Temazcal. Playacar and Tulum also have some resorts offering this Mayan ceremony.

“What precautions should I take before participating in Temazcal?”

As we stated earlier, be careful if you have severe heart and BP issues. Sarong or similar dress can be the right choice. Eating less will help you more to stay on the course. You can eat after completing the whole program.

The final part of the ceremony is swimming in the cenote. So, you must take the necessary dry dresses for wearing after the shower. Beware of fraud Shamans. This is why you need to consult with the local guide.

For skeptical persons, the journey will be quite different. But going along with the process will be outstanding. None has reported any bad experience with the ceremony. If it feels intolerable for any reason, you are always free to get out of the house with the permission of the Shaman. Instead of that, try to stay inside the house and feel the energy of the Mayan ritual.

Temazcal has been blended in the Mexican tradition for centuries. Each year, a lot of tourists go there to experience the same as the Mayans did. If you are interested, keep a place primarily for this tradition for the next trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. Enjoy!

Reasons that will convince you to live this experience!

➢ Helps the regeneration of the skin.

Temperatures within a temazcal can reach up to 40 degrees. At these temperatures, the skin responds naturally by opening its pores. The body releases accumulated toxins, so the skin looks fresher and younger.

➢ Purifies the respiratory system.

The combination of steam caused by high temperatures and the aroma of medicinal plants generates the unclogging of the respiratory tract. It’s ideal for people with asthma, bronchitis, and sinus problems.

➢ Free emotions.

Through temazcal, you will not only liberate your body physically but also those emotions that lodge inside you. This experience will make you feel a union with your inner being, experiencing a different phase of you. Being inside the temazcal, you will have time to reflect and meditate so you will achieve a connection with your emotions as you have rarely done.

➢ Reduces stress.
This practice generates relaxing sensations that are ideal for handling problems such as

stress, without the person having counterproductive reactions.

Tips to enjoy your first experience in a temazcal.

➢ Make a prudent choice of your clothes.

Choosing the clothes, you are going to use in the temazcal can be difficult. Remember that you will spend a long time in a place where there will be excessive heat. It is best to use a swimsuit or some garment that is light and fresh. It is advisable to have some other clothing on hand to remove excess sweat and land.

➢ Eat light

For people who are not familiar with steam baths, the experience can be a bit intense. Having a full stomach can cause you to stop enjoying and begin to suffer physical discomfort. It is advisable to eat lightly three hours before starting the experience.

➢ Do not despair.

If you start to feel that the heat is too extreme, you can choose to lower your head to the floor. The more contact you have with the earth, the fresher you will feel. Do not despair,

start to breathe calmly and continue like this until your body adapts to the environment around you. Do not choose to leave immediately, and sometimes the heat can make us feel suffocated. If you have any medical condition, tell the person in charge so he can guide you.

➢ Communicate what you feel.

If you begin to feel some physical discomfort during the practice and you are convinced that you want to leave the temazcal or have the need to go to the bathroom, do not hesitate to comment and in a second of silence ask permission to do so. It is important to express what you feel to avoid health problems.

➢ Remember the purpose of the temazcal and that not all people experience the same thing.

The body and mind of each person are different. Keep in mind that the main objective of this practice is to eliminate toxins from the body through sweating. It is a medicinal practice, not a psychedelic rite. If you do not have visions or you do not experience any mystical or revealing situation, do not think that your experience was a failure, since the practice is not done for that purpose.

How do some people describe their experience?

All temazcales are different because the body and mind of people feel and react differently. On the contrary, most share the opinion that their experience was unforgettable, surprising, and comforting.

They had to face the darkness, heat, and discomfort, but that did not stop them from continuing enjoying the practice, some comment that it was like a personal improvement as they put aside their fears and prepared for what would come next. One recommendation they make is to live this experience with someone close to you, such as, your partner, a friend or a relative, since this way you could feel more secure.

The first contact they had with their fears was the instant in which the light disappeared. In every occasion that presents a concern is trying to find something comforting to disappear, in this case, was a warm hand.

One of the actions that helped improve the experience was when they began to be aware of their breathing, which was delicate, deep, and calm. Breath is usually a good tool to overcome stressful situations.

Once they left their fears behind, they began to get used to the darkness and high temperatures while losing track of time.

When they managed to feel completely safe, their body had already become accustomed to the environment that surrounded them, and they perfectly controlled the rhythm of their breathing.

At the moment when the heat of the temazcal became progressively stronger, they felt that they had reached their limit. For most, overcoming that feeling and lying on the ground to get in touch with Mother Earth was the climax of their experience. The fusion of their bodies with the earth and deep meditation gave them a comfort accompanied by emotions of security and peace.

Finally, when they left the temazcal, they had the impression that they had left their skin. They felt purified and empowered. Everything ended with the refreshing sensation of the cenote. Their bodies had been purified from the inside to the outside.

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