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Sample Project

Zenzi Restaurant & Bar – the place you can’t forget!

Playa del Carmen in Mexico invites all to have a look inside it. The spots, the foods, and of course, the people – everything is wonderful. For instance, if you visit the restaurant named Zenzi Restaurant & Bar, you would be unable to hide your wonders.

Zenzi Restaurant - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Zenzi Restaurant & Bar – Playa del Carmen

Favorite dishes

Few of the top favorite dishes here include fresh seafood, Chicken Satay, Fish & Chips, Muchos Nachos, Seared Tuna Salad, Caesar Salad, and Tuna Tostadas among others. You can also have fast foods like Zenzi Burger, French Fries, Blackened Tuna Sandwich, Pepito. To change your tastes try some Sesame Crusted Tuna, Beef or Chicken Fajitas, Thai Paw Paw, Jerk Chicken alongside ice cream and cheesecake.

A unique place and atmosphere

Honestly, this restaurant is unique to many extents. Enjoy night parties in a special mode. The romantic environment and atmosphere that this restaurant provides are almost unavailable anywhere across Mexico.

Extensive food menu

The menu of Zenzi Restaurant & Bar is extensive. It contains foods for all types and ages of people. Not only the adults visit here, they are often accompanied by their kids too. Accordingly, the authority has set arrangements for the kids as well.

The best beverages

Moreover, if you love alcoholic beverages, the amazing collection of the restaurant will fill all your needs. It has a wide collection of local and foreign wines while some of them are classic too.

Plate preparations

To make the main courses, the restaurant uses fresh vegetables, flour, fishes, boneless beef and chickens and other necessary ingredients. They all are available around and cooked either based on the directives of the visitors or following the traditional cooking methods. So, when you will take them, you will feel a heavenly taste.

Customers return

Zenzi Restaurant & Bar has some regular returning customers. In fact, the foods, the environment, and the overall services are highly adorable. The thrilling environment and no restrictions on your activities will certainly make you a returning customer. Sing, dance or sit in a romantic setting facing the sea, enjoy the moon, listen to the sea waves and many more to do.


Food styles

The food serving trend is mostly focused on the traditional Mexican style. You will have almost all the foods that you want either to enjoy a party or celebrate any special occasion. This is a restaurant that is opened for all and everyone loves the foods and serving styles.

Broader menu

There is no niche in this restaurant like the others. Rather you can term it as a broad-based restaurant where anyone can get served with varied types of meals. In fact, this is a good place to visit with family, group or some solo trips.  

Other facilities

Zenzi Restaurant & Bar allows you to book seats and if you want they will pick you up from your location. Using credit cards to pay the bills is a common issue and no worries if you forget your cash. Be casual. Due to the environment, you do not need to have any formal attire.

The “Romantic setting” adjacent to the beach will change your moods. Take a glass of beer, grab a chair and start sipping facing the sea. If you can attend on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights – you will have the best fun in your life.

Brief description

The restaurant could be described too briefly as ‘Best Chilling Place’.

Restaurant theme

Actually, the theme of the restaurant is ‘Eat Drink Chill’. Literally, the restaurant authority arranges for everything you need. But once you enter here, you will get many more things to do and enjoy.

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