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Spanish Language & Common Phrases

Spanish Language in Playa del Carmen & Common Phrases

Common Phrases in Spanish (Mexicano):

Mexican Spanish (Español Mexicano) have significant variations of the originallanguage as spoken in Mexico and in important parts of the United States and Canada due to immigrants and Mexican decedents (over 50 million Latinos). Spanish was brought to Mexico in the 16th century.


English Spanish Pronunciation
Good morning. Buenos días. booEHN-os DEE-as
Good afternoon. Buenas tardes. booEHN-as TAR-dehs
Good evening. Buenas noches. booEHN-as NO-chehs
Hello, my name is John. Hola, me llamo Juan. OH-la meh YA-mo Wahn
What is your name? Cómo te llamas? KOH-moh seh YA-mah oos-TEHD
How are you? Cómo estás? KOH-moh ehs-TA oos-TEHD
I am fine. Estoy bien. ehs-TOY bee-EHN
Nice to meet you. Mucho gusto. MOO-choh GOOS-toh
Goodbye. Adiós. ah-dee-OHS
See you later. Hasta luego. AHS-ta looEH-go
I am lost Estoy perdido.
Where is the restroom? Dónde está el baño? ehs-TOY pehr-DEE-doh. DOHN-deh ehs-TA el BAH-neeo
Excuse me. Con permiso. kohn pehr-MEE-soh OR pehr-DOH-nah-meh
Please. Por favor. pohr fah-VOR
Thank you. Gracías. gra-SEE-ahs
I’m sorry. Lo siento. low see-EHN-to
Bless you. Salud. sah-LOOD
You are welcome. De nada. deh NA-da
How much does it cost? Cuánto cuesta? kooAN-to KWEHS-ta
How many are there? Cuántos hay? kooAN-tohs eye
There are many. Hay muchos. eye MOO-chohs
Do you want to buy (sell) this? Quiere comprarlo (venderlousted kee-EHR-eh kohm-PRAR-loh oos-TEHD
What time is it? Qué hora es? keh OR-ah ehs
How do you say maybe in Spanish? Cómo se dice maybe en Español? KOH-mo seh DEE-seh maybe ehn ehs-pahn-YOL
Yes. Sí. see
No. No. no
I do not understand. Yo no comprendo. yoh no kom-PREN-doh
Would you speak slower, please. Por favor, habla mas despacio. pohr fah-VOR, AH-blah mahs dehs-PAHS-ee-oh
When? Cuando?
Who? Quién? kee-EHN
Why? Por qué? pohr keh
Do you want to dance? Quieres bailar? kee-EHR-eh kohm-PRAR-loh oos-TEHD

Home Appliances translations (english to spanish):

the blender la liquadora.
the dishwasher el lavaplatos.
the dryer la secadora.
the freezer el congelador.
the fridge el refrigerador.
the iron la plancha.
the microwave el horno de microondas.
the oven el horno.
the toaster el tostador.
the washer la lavadora.
the water heater el calentador de agua.

How many people in Mexico can speak English?

Official information reports, that only 5% of the population could speak English with basic phrases. Around 5.5 million Mexicans, mainly in major cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, Tijuana, etc. and Tourist Destinations like Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos. this figure is a similar percentage of illiterate people in Mexico.


Spanish Language Schools in Playa del Carmen:

TAAN Spanish School (Courses & Housing) – ***** ENJOY 5 Stars

Don Quijote (Courses & Housing)  – ***** ENJOY 5 Stars

International House Riviera Maya (Special Courses & Housing) – **** ENJOY 5 Stars

Language School Chichén Itzá (Inexpensive Classes) – ***** ENJOY 4 Stars

Agora Language Center (Classes + Weekend Activities) – ***** ENJOY 4 Stars

Berlitz (Classes + Online) – ***** ENJOY 4 Stars

IMAC Spanish Playa del Carmen (Classes & Activities) – ***** ENJOY 4 Stars

What are Mexican albures and why do we like them so much?

Albures = Mental fencing of everyday semantics. “El albur must be refined (…) El albur is a mental chess” an a fun way to learn spanish.

Spanish Language Statistics in Mexico

Linguistic diversity index 0.135  Very Low 154th out of 200
Spanish speakers 86.21 million 1st out of 16
Spanish speakers per 1000 903.75 10th out of 16
Spanish status National language.
Major language(s) Spanish
Languages Spanish only 92.7%, Spanish and indigenous languages 5.7%, indigenous only 0.8%, unspecified 0.8%; note – indigenous languages include various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regional languages



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