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Soliman Bay: Spend Your Personal Moments with Friends and Family

Soliman Bay: Spend Your Personal Moments with Friends and Family

Are you planning on spending a private holiday near a beach in Mexico? If yes, Soliman Bay can be the most appropriate place to go.

The Yucatan Peninsula is welcoming travelers from every part of the world. The Caribbean beaches are calling people to spend a beautiful vacation in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and many other beachside cities.

But, most of the beaches are crowded and spending a quality time with the dear ones is quite impossible. In order to take a break from the crowd, there is no better alternative than going to Soliman Bay.

“Where is this Soliman Bay exactly?”

Soliman Bay can either be the starter of your trip to Mexico or the finishing of the trip depending on your tour plan. It is by the side of the Cancun-Tulum highway. It will be easier to go from Tulum rather than going from Cancun.

All you need to do is grabbing a bus or hiring a taxicab. Tankah is a small area of the Quintana Roo district. But the place remains crowded with tourists all over the year.

“How is the beach is different from the other places in the Yucatan Peninsula?”

The typical part of every beach in this region is the crowd. People play, party, swim, and snorkel in each of them. There is no chance of enjoying the thudding of the Caribbean Seawater with family.

For a long time, the secret of Soliman Bay was unrevealed. No tourist knew about this calm and beautiful place. Still now, the beach is semi-private. There is no public interference without booking one of the resorts on the shore.

The most special part of the beach is the opportunity of enjoying the nature without any high volume music.

“How Tourists Enjoy after Being in the Soliman Bay?”

First of all, Soliman Bay is not a typically wide beach. The area is quite small, yet sufficient for three hundred people. Its white sand and surrounding palm trees give an extra flavor of the Caribbean mood.

  • Hammock

Are you feeling lazy and no idea how to spend time? Don’t worry! Just get a hammock and tie with the palm trees. Lie all day long. None is going to bother you for a second! Read books and enjoy music. When you arrive at the bay, you will see benches and chairs under the tree.

  • Suntan

If you want to enjoy the sun and to get tanned, take the sheet and lie on the beach. The sweet sunlight and the Caribbean breeze will bring sleep to your eyes.

  • Cenotes

The most convenient part of staying in the Soliman Bay is the convenient access to the nearby places. The beach is in the middle of Riviera Maya. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Akumal are not far enough. Rent a resort in the Soliman Bay and make it your center point.

Wake up in the morning with one of the most stunning views of sunrise in the world. Then, create a plan of going to the nearby Cenote Dream Gate or Cenote Yax-kin.

  • Parks

Xel-Ha Park and Dos Ojos Park are a few minutes distance from the bay. These outdoor activities will make your holiday at Soliman Bay more interesting.

  • Snorkeling

Soliman Bay is an ideal place for snorkeling. All you need to take care of is sea-grass. Whenever you dive into the water, you will start to enjoy the serene movement of flora and fauna of the beach.

Most of the tourists do not know that the reef of Soliman Bay is the second largest in the world.

As an inseparable part of the Yucatan Peninsula, Soliman Bay is also populated with turtles. Beware of damaging their natural life.

  • Kayaking

The water on the beachfront is very calm and serene. This is why kayaking is included as a special item for the tourists. They enjoy floating around the beach on a kayak.

  • Playing

If you are traveling in a group, you can enjoy beach football and beach volleyball. The corresponding authority of Soliman Bay has already made arrangements of these sports. Take your shoes off and start playing on the beach as if it’s your own beach!

  • Partying

The most enjoyable part of renting a beachfront resort in the Soliman Bay is unlimited partying. Grab a drink and party with friends all night. Arrange a barbecue party with fresh fishes on the beach. The only thing that you should be careful is cleanliness.

Turtles come on the beach to lay eggs and you need to walk with care.


“How is Soliman Bay at night?”

If you are lucky enough and plan a trip in the moonlight, the beach of Soliman Bay will give you one of the most wonderful views of the life. The reflection of the moon on the Caribbean Sea looks amazing.

Along with the moonlight, the sweet breeze coming from the sea provides an extraordinary feeling.

“Does It Have Any Safety Issue?”

There is no serious incident occurred with the tourists in recent years. The tourist police of the Riviera Maya are always concerned about the safety.

But you may have to be careful about the low tide and high tide. The coastguard warns before any kind of storm or strong wind. You need to follow the guideline of scuba diving during the snorkeling session in the reef.

It is strictly prohibited to hamper any natural turtle nest. You can swim with them, but without hampering their wildlife.

“Where Will We Stay in Soliman Bay?”

There are resorts, hotels, and villas in Soliman Bay. Book any of them contacting a local agent or through online booking before arriving at the Soliman Bay.

“What is the Best Time to Visit Soliman Bay?”

Soliman Bay is not a public beach as we stated earlier. You can visit any time of the year. But March-April is the best season for enjoying the true beauty of the sea.

Soliman Bay can be a secret hideout on your next trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. Have fun in this amazing semi-private beach!


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