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Riviera Maya: A King of Tourist Spots

Riviera Maya: A King of Tourist Spots

Mexico is the heaven for holiday loving people.

This country has some outstanding locations full of natural and archaeological sites.

Among these all, Riviera Maya is a must-to-go place for travelers. So, you may ask, “Why people go to the Riviera Maya?” There are reasons. More than 5 million people go to visit this city every year. Its 25,000 permanent inhabitants welcome the visitors warmly.

In here, we are going to take a look at this city and the top places for enjoying your next vacation. Are you ready? Let’s move on!

Location of the Area

Riviera Maya is a tourist area near Cancun and inside the Yucatan Peninsula. The easiest route to go there is from Cancun International Airport. All you have to do is booking a ticket from Cancun and take a taxicab or bus from the airport.

The area is in the Quintana Roo state, a part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It has five small cities along with the central Riviera Maya city.

Cancún, Puerto Aventuras, Playacar, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Puerto Morelos, Tulum, and Xpu-Ha are the cities/towns included in the area. Each of them has different tourist value and attraction.

Riviera Maya is generously waiting for you. You can choose to use the car rental service from the airport or take an intercity bus called the ADO bus. It will take you directly to each town in the Riviera Maya.

Special Places in Riviera Maya

Honestly, there is plenty of them. You need a long holiday to visit each of these places. Besides, there are some must-to-visit places. Let’s have a look.

Playa del Carmen

It is like the princess of a beautiful king. This small city in Riviera Maya is getting an enormous attraction for the visitors. Because of the tourist-friendly people, beaches, and shopping advantage, people go to Playa del Carmen for enjoying the moment with their friends and family.

Playa del Carmen is the place that will make your day delightful.


Playacar is a small region of Riviera Maya, just like Playa del Carmen. The best part of this place is the Golf courts.

You can enjoy golfing in here for a long time without subscribing. It offers daily and weekly-based subscription. Isn’t that good?

For any golf loving tourist, it is a chance to taste the wind of the Riviera Maya for a better golf shot.

Also, the city is full of pubs and casinos. The visitors do not spare the opportunity to spend a whole night in the streets.

To avoid any criminal activity or unfriendly situation against tourists, Playacar Police has been always on duty.

Mayan Civilization

Mexico preserves its history of ancestor pretty well. You will get a chance to visit the Mayan civilization right from Riviera Maya.

Actually, the city is also named after the Mayan River or Riviera Maya. It bears the footstep of the ancestors.

The Portal Maya reminds the visitors how the ancestors also welcomed the boats from the sea.


Mayan Culture in the Riviera Maya!


Delphinus Riviera Maya

For dolphin lovers, this place is no less than a heaven. This is basically an ecological preservation center of dolphin.

Tourists keep a particular part of their holiday to visit the Delphinus Riviera Maya. You can set the whole day and enjoy the amazing games of dolphin schools without getting tired for a second.

Cenotes of Riviera Maya

People go to visit cenotes because this sort of natural site is quite rare in the other parts of the world. It is a natural cave, but full of water.

Visitors can swim and wander inside the cave freely. Some cenotes are more than 1 kilometer long. You must take an expert tour guide in order to go to such a dark place. Also, necessary precautions and dresses are must wear.

Gran, Aktun, Angelita, Cristalino, and Azul are the well-known cenotes of the Riviera Maya. They are near the coastline of the Caribbean Sea.


Cenotes a unique experience!

Cenotes a unique experience!


Beaches of Riviera Maya: The Magnet for Tourists!

The actual magnet that attracts the people from all over the world is beaches of the Riviera Maya. Most of the beaches are situated in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos. Depending on how much time you got for visiting, create a plan to visit each of the beaches.

As soon as you get near to the seashore, the climate will start to change your mindset from the inside. There is a strong vibe of enjoyment on every beach.


How to Spend the Holiday in Riviera Maya

In the daytime, there is a plenty of options for sightseeing. Start the morning with a refreshing sunrise on the beach. Then, breakfast is ready at the hotel to dine or in the street.

For information, street food in Riviera Maya is one of the best foods in the world. They are spicy and tasty. After having breakfast, you have the full day to roam around the Riviera Maya. Start by booking a wildlife tour or visiting a Mayan city.

The Mayan infrastructures took you back to a thousand years ago. Or simply, you can sunbathe on the beaches. The sweet tropical sunlight will make your skin tanned and beautiful.

Taking an evening walk in the fifth avenue of Playa del Carmen in Riviera Maya is a good option. You can buy different types of goods in these shops. It will not cost you much.

After the sunset, the city wakes up. And, there is light everywhere. Riviera Maya glazes like a jewel. Parties and music are everywhere.

Casinos and billiard clubs are full of people. You can go anywhere to enjoy a glass of beer or champagne. If you want to enjoy the night with the moon and the sea, take a walk on the beach. These beaches are safe even in the darkest hour of the night.

Where to Stay in Riviera Maya

There are hundreds of hotels in the area. As this is a large region with five small cities, it is good to switch hotels for each one.

For example, you can stay for 3-4 days in a resort of Playa del Carmen and then move to a hotel in Xpu-Ha. This will lessen your hamper.

The best time to visit the district is April-May. The climate remains stable and there is a tolerable amount of crowd during this period of the year. But, this is also crowded during the last part of the year.

A big part of the visiting tourists come during the Thanksgiving season.

World Class Hotels

World Class Hotels


Riviera Maya is full of surprises and amusement.

There is no reason for avoiding this stunningly beautiful tourist spot.

Every part of the city provides a large amount of enjoyment to its visiting guests. Find an appropriate time and visit the place to enjoy some great features of nature and history. ENJOY!


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