ENJOY Restaurants ranking

Playa del Carmen – “ENJOY Stars” Restaurants ranking & selection process

ENJOY Stars – Restaurants ranking & selection process

We have developed the “ENJOY STAR” system to rank and select Restaurants in order to make great recommendations for our clients.


ENJOY Travel & Tours Restaurant’s ranking selection Method:

Quality & price: A good meal should not be very expensive. It is vital in any establishment to ENJOY quietly the gastronomy without being worried about the prices.

Variety: It is of great importance for any restaurant to offer a wide variety of dishes such as fish, meat, rice, pasta, etc..

Unless the restaurant has a specific theme. Each client has their tastes and it is essential that all the diners at a table are excellent.

Service: We all like to receive good treatment when we go out to eat or dine out there. Service by a professional and polite waiter who treats you with respect greatly influences the comfort of the customers.

Location: That a restaurant has a good location and is located in a good neighborhood says a lot about the type of establishment.

It is also important that it has easy access, that is, making it easier for customers to find it.

Facilities: The first impression is very important! The facilities and decoration say a lot about the quality of a restaurant.

An establishment that invests in good and striking facilities that please the public, is undoubtedly a good sign.

Communication: Do you have a bus stop or nearby metro? It is essential that the restaurant has a good communication with the different means of transport to facilitate the approach of customers to the premises.

Parking: Before eating, you have to arrive! It is convenient that the establishment is located near a parking area or that has its own parking, facilitating comfort to the public.

Cleaning: If the place is dirty, how will the kitchen be? Cleaning an establishment is an essential criterion to consider.

Do not trust a place where hygiene is not well executed!

Waiting time: Not much or little! Nobody likes to wait an hour for their food, usually, the hungry people have very bad milk. On the other hand, receive the food just ask for it is not a good sign… A symptom of food already prepared!

Special suggestions: If the restaurant accepts some variation in the dishes such as omitting an ingredient.

Like preparation without salt or offers alternative vegetarian dishes although they are not on the menu, it is undoubtedly an extra point to consider.

You will be able to find:

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