XV years Party, a traditional celebration in Mexico

XV years Party, a traditional celebration in Mexico

First of all, the party of Quince – XV is perhaps the most anticipated moment in young adolescents. It marks a transcendent event in their lives. At the same time, it allows highlighting some aspects of Mexican society that have changed as time goes by.


“The party of Quince – XV years is also, one of the most deeply rooted traditions of Mexicans and should be considered part of the intangible cultural heritage.

Quince años (XV) Party Origins

” It is said that this celebration dates from pre-Hispanic times, in which the Aztecs celebrated the entry of young people at this age. The men went on to become warriors and the women were suitable for marriage.

This celebration marks the transition from girl to a woman of the quinceañera. “It serves as a way of recognizing that the young woman has reached maturity; And is ready to marry and raise a family,” she said.

The party is the ideal space to make a formal presentation to the family and society in general. There are those who point out that this act is so that those interested can “compete for their love”.

In addition to the conquest of the Spanish, customs lost much of their origin and was integrated into Catholicism.

Later, the Emperor of Mexico. Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Carlota introduced the waltz and glamorous dresses in the 19th century.

Social Connotations in Mexico

The celebration of XV years has had several social changes because young women choose to continue their studies and leave the marriage for a later stage. She recalled that the traditional color of the quinceanera dress was pink and nowadays they choose other shades for her presentation.

“In recent months, for example, girls have chosen blue tones, but everything is totally changeable like fashion in general.”

Regardless of the color, the place of the party or the number of chamberlains. The “fifteen” is still valid in most Mexican girls, who make up, combed their hair and wear a large dress first attend the traditional mass.

Mexico is preponderantly Catholic since the religious act is the purpose of giving thanks to God for this time of life. In the enclosure, the quinceañera commonly receives a blessed medal from her godparents.

Quince (XV) años, The Party in Playa del Carmen

Some celebrants decide to get into a limousine and walk through the streets of their town. Then go to the chosen location to take the photo of the memory with the chamberlains. Gardens were once the most common places to take the traditional photo.

Creativity and innovation of photographers have allowed the quinceañeras to climb up to the parachute or ruins. 

The salons rented for the party fit a cabin or photo studio to capture every moment with family and friends and immediately publish them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is followed by a “reventón” in the house of the “festajada”. Another option is a banquet in a place reserved for the occasion.

Theme and Costs

“There are those who decide to turn this celebration into a thematic party of Paris, the Oscar or Hollywood awards, for example,”.

The quinceañeras and the organizers have innovated in many issues and have generated needs, each family spends. On average 220 thousand pesos (10 thousand USD) for some XV years. The figure could increase due to tastes and desires.

Only the contracted choreography service ranges between 20 and 25 thousand pesos. This is one of the most anticipated moments for the guests. The quinceañera gives life and spirit to the party by dancing.

Finally, a routine of dances, among them the waltz with the Dad, godparents, and chamberlains. The discourses, some of the untimely. The party is a mix of different traditions that have been present from generation to generation.

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