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Puerto Morelos: The Town of Caribbean Coral Reef

Puerto Morelos: The Town of Caribbean Coral Reef

Are you planning a visit to Mexico? If yes, we suggest you visit the Puerto Morelos while traveling from Cancun to Playa del Carmen.

Between these two big cities of Quintana Roo, Puerto Morelos is getting a huge number of travelers each year. Tourists consider the city as a place for stopping by the way to Playa del Carmen. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are the most visited places on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Every city on the peninsula has something unique. Puerto Morelos is also one of them. This small town is getting crowded by the tourists from different corners of the world.

Puerto Morelos? Why Should I Visit There?

The major reason for visiting Puerto Morelos is the quiet environment. This is the place where you can hear the thudding sound of waves. And, you will get more options to have a mesmerizing holiday in here.

Do you require more reasons for visiting Puerto Morelos? Here you go!

  • Coral Reef: The seashore of Puerto Morelos is one of the most enriched coral reefs of the world.

The reef consists of a variety of flora and fauna. The greenish and bluish water of this part of the Caribbean Sea truly gives a sight to the tourists.

How to enjoy the site: For enjoying the detailed coral reef, you must have a good training in scuba diving. To snorkel around the reef, a guide is compulsory.

For the maintenance of the species, the authority has ordered not to disturb the livings of coral reef. That is why the guide is a must. Also, the tide is different near the reef. Even, expert scuba divers have to hamper a lot while snorkeling here. So, necessary precautions have to be taken.

  • Beaches: The best part of any city in the Yucatan Peninsula is having beaches. Puerto Morelos is also one of them. The beaches here are quieter than the People usually go to Cancun or Playa del Carmen for enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

This is why Puerto Morelos becomes uncrowded. Actually, you will love the cleanliness of the beaches. People keep it really neat and groomed.

Why beaches of Puerto Morelos?:

Because it gives you full freedom of swimming, sunbathing and partying. You don’t have to tense about the external noise or interference. The coastguard is alarmed about the safety of tourists.

  • Cenote: Yucatan’s cenotes are world famous for the beauty and preservation of century-old natural ruins. The caves are full of mysteries.

In Puerto Morelos, Cenote Verde Lucero is a great one for visiting purpose. Also, it is much more affordable than the other cenotes of Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Holbox.

To spend a whole day in a cenote, you must contact a local tour agency. They provide necessary guidelines and a tourist guide to take you inside the cave.

For swimming purpose or diving purpose, you have to rent gear from the shack. The per day cost of renting gear is comparatively cheaper than PDC or Cancun or Riviera Maya.

Route Cenotes is a place that none should miss after arriving at Puerto Morelos.

  • Croco Cun Zoo: When a zoo is not just a zoo, the enjoyment becomes limitless. Croco Cun Zoo of Puerto Morelos worth visiting for every tourist in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The tour takes less than 1 hour. A guided tour gives the best opportunity to learn about the wildlife of the area.

The best part of the Croco Cun zoo is the Mexican crocodile in a free environment. There is no cage. You need to keep a distance to enjoy the slow movement of this species.

Another interesting animal in the zoo is the hairless dog of Mexico. This is rare and found only in Mexico.

Take unlimited pictures of these amazing wild animals.

  • Boat Tour: Don’t want to get wet, but enjoy the sea? Puerto Morelos brings the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea by boat tours. The windy seashore gives an outstanding feeling of the natural breeze.

You can feel like the Captain of a Caribbean ship!

  • Rancho Bonanza: Horse-riding is one of the most ancient and interesting sports of the world. And, the excitement of riding a horse will be enormous if it is done during your vacation.

Rancho Bonanza of Puerto Morelos is there for you! It offers a chance to ride horses as long as you want. For beginners, there are special short courses under the supervision of an expert horse rider. Don’t miss the chance to test the little of a North American rancher.

Where Will You Stay at Puerto Morelos?

There are some cozy hotels and luxury resorts in this small city. Also, you can simply rent a room of a guest-house at a cheap rate.

Puerto Morelos a great small town! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Puerto Morelos a great small town!


The Easiest Way to Get on the City

As we stated earlier, Puerto Morelos is not far from Cancun. And, Cancun is the place to start a successful holiday plan. After the mission of Cancun, you should start the journey to Puerto Morelos. Then, the route leads to Playa del Carmen, another stunning city of Quintana Roo district.

Safety in the City

The permanent population of Puerto Morelos is just eleven thousand. That means these small town people have a nice mindset. There is absolutely no risk in roaming around the city alone. The crime rate is significantly low.

A few years back, snatchers were found on the beaches. Because of the alertness of coastguard police, the snatching rate has reduced to almost zero percent.

Puerto Morelos is a small, convenient and calm city for peace-loving tourists. Every part of this tourist spot is neat and clean. Once you are in the Morelos, a door of love and affection has already opened for you. Party all night and travel all day. The city is the best place for recharging yourself for the next journeys in the Yucatan Peninsula. So, have limitless fun in Puerto Morelos!


Puerto Morelos from Playa del Carmen


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