Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras: The Small Town of Fishermen

Puerto Aventuras: The Small Town of Fishermen

Puerto Aventuras is an emerging tourist spot in Mexico. Its healthy weather and refreshing seaside breeze are the major reason for visiting.

A small population of six thousand people is the actual reason for its calmness. People here are more hospitable and friendlier than any other cities in Quintana Roo.

Puerto Aventuras, Where is it?

This small city is located near Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen. Because of the huge pressure on these two cities, tourists love to spend some time in Puerto Aventuras.

Though the city is comparatively less developed than Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, some unique places and events have made it a perfect tourist spot.

“What Will I do In Puerto Aventuras?” Here you go!

In short, Puerto Aventuras is going to offer you hundreds of different and versatile events. You can go to any place with your friends and family. The safety issue is outstanding.

However, we recommend visiting the following places. This guideline will help you in enjoying the best of Puerto Aventuras.

Kantun Chi

This one is one of the most famous outdoor activities in the city. It is basically an eco-park. You need a whole day and a tourist guide to go there. It has plenty of different species and animals. Each one of them bears the symbol of Mexican wildlife.


It will be an injustice if you go to Puerto Aventuras and miss the chance of fishing in the Caribbean water. There are companies and boat tour agencies to take you on fishing.

Wasabi Loco Sportfishing is a great agency for letting the tourists fishing. FatCat Ocean Adventures is a boat tour as well as a fishing adventure. You can catch a plenty of sea fish for the night.


Puerto Aventuras has the fame of making stunning handicrafts and boutique. The price of such thing is quite high in Mexico. But, you can find them at a cheap price in North Plaza in the city.

Souvenir for friends and families are mostly handmade. You can enjoy the beautifully created showpieces in the shops.


Scuba diving and snorkeling are always the best options for enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean Sea closely. But diving in the calm water of Puerto Aventuras is a lifetime experience. You will not regret spending the money while renting the scuba gear.

Visit Jardin del Eden, a renowned cenote here. Also, sunbathing on Playa Kantenah can be a good idea for enhancing the enjoyment of your vacation.

Dolphin and Whale Shark

Puerto Aventuras has a dolphin park named Dolphin Discovery. Watch the game they play all day long. The disciplined moves of dolphin schools will not let your eyes to be tired.

Whale Shark is also a harmless species in its category. Who wants to miss the chance of swimming beside a shark?

This vegetarian mammal is playful and intelligent. You will not get a chance to get tired!

Eating and Drinking

Puerto Aventuras has the fame for organic foods. Tourists enjoy the tasty organic food here. You may find the tastiest smoothie at the carts of Puerto Aventuras.

“Ok, What About the Stay?”

The best way to spend your vacation in this small city is to rent a small resort near the beach. It is healthy and gives you the chance to organize a seaside party at any time.

Also, you can just use a hammock to pass the night hearing the thudding of waves. However, the wind is so strong that it is difficult to keep the balance!

There are luxury hotels in the central part of the town. You can also hire guides using the help of the hotel staff.

Puerto Aventuras - Quintana Roo - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Puerto Aventuras – Quintana Roo


“How Can I Move Within the City”

Are you thinking about the transportation system? Well, golf carts and mopeds can be hired if you can drive. But the most affordable way to go from one place to another is a paddle-operated cart.

A good idea of going to Playa del Carmen from Puerto Aventuras is hiring a boat. In such way, the tourist will enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, can fish and have a warm sunbath. The cost is lower than a road travel.

Safety Issues of Puerto Aventuras

The delightful nightlife of the city proves that roaming around the city is totally risk-free. All you have to do is creating a plan and inform your friends and family.

Party near the beach is also an exciting experience. The streets come to life at night. Pubs in the city are quite affordable and cost you less than any other cities of the Yucatan Peninsula. Again, the best part of the nightlife is seaside parties.

The recent report of crime shows a positive reflection of the city. So, whenever you are walking in an alley of Puerto Aventuras, it is safe.

What is The Best Time to Visit the City?

If you want to enjoy the actual beauty of the Caribbean Sea and catch fish all day long, April-May is the best time to visit Puerto Aventuras.

Though this is the best time, the town can amaze you at any time of the year. This is why to include the option of visiting Puerto Aventuras in order to have the best holiday in Mexico.

There is no better option than spending a holiday in the Yucatan Peninsula. And, Puerto Aventuras is a jewel of the crown. Keep a large part of your next holiday plan for Puerto Aventuras. The exciting events and natural beauty of the city will not disappoint you. It will fill every part of your mind. Have a great holiday!

Puerto Aventuras from Playa del Carmen


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