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Playacar: The Ornamental Part of Playa del Carmen

Playacar: The Ornamental Part of Playa del Carmen

When you are in Playa del Carmen of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, every particle of the city will make your vacation special. And, the southern part of Playa del Carmen has something more beautiful to offer. This part is known as the Playacar.

While your visit in PDC, keep a few days for visiting Playacar. Just like an ornament, this portion can enhance the adventure and enjoyment. Also, you can stay in Playacar while having the tour in PDC.

How to Go to Playacar?

Taxis and buses are available from the fifth avenue of Playa del Carmen or Cancun. ENJOY Transfers offer cars for reaching Playacar. The fare is reasonable and good for a family trip.

If you want to travel alone or within a less budget, get on a bus from Cancun. This will lead you directly to this place.

Staying in Playacar

There are more than thirty hotels in this small area of PDC. People living in have a lot to offer to the tourists. Sunset Fishermen Beach Resort is a sea-facing resort for staying. Casa Miramar and Homing Bird Casa Matuk are two renowned hotels in Playacar.

Depending on your budget, book a hotel room or resort. Make sure you can enjoy the Caribbean sunrise and sunset from your hotel room. The distance of the hotel should not be far from the beaches and Playa del Carmen.

What to Do?


Beaches are the actual beauty of each part of Playa del Carmen. Playacar is no different from that. There are both private and public beaches here. Public beaches are mostly crowded and congested. If you are a party-person, these public beaches will make your day special.

When you want to lie on the beach and enjoy the beauty or swim in the seawater, private-owned beaches are the most ideal option.

You can hire a boat from the shore and float around the Playacar beaches. Snorkeling underwater adds an extra flavor to your trip. The coral reefs near the shore have a plenty of versatile species.


If you love Mexican art and culture, you will enjoy shopping here. The boutique includes all the handmade and handloom products. As souvenirs, take these along with you.

The price varies from shop to shop. So, it is recommended to check the price and compare with one another before buying.

Mayan Site-Seeing

Once ruled under the province of Chichen Itza during the Mayan civilization. Some ruins are still preserved for watching. They are near the beach. You may take a walk to those ruins to see how the Playacar was used as a port for the Mayans.

Also, there are some spots used by the pirates.


The extremely beautiful weather and the sweet breeze coming from the seashore have made a great town for not only tourists but also for golfers. The golf court with eighteen holes is one of the most recognized golf courts in the Yucatan Peninsula. Golfers from all around America come to spend some days in Playacar for golfing.


Restaurants have special dishes of seafood. If you prefer eating continental or other dishes, they are also available. Being a famous tourist spot, Playacar has prepared all items to serve its visitors.

Phase 1 and Phase 2

Playacar is developing at a high speed to cope with the tourist rush. There are two phases of the town. If you go to the phase one, you may see a well-decorated beachside town. The Phase 2 is still under process. The tourism board of PDC has planned to make the place a friendly spot for the visitors.

Awa Hotel in Playacar! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Awa Hotel in Playacar!


Suitable Time for Visiting

July-September is the most appropriate time for visiting and enjoying the best view of Playacar. The sea remains calm during this time. In summer, rain may create an obstacle during your holiday.

ENJOY recommended to keep up with the weather forecast before you plan for the holiday.

Security Issues regarding Playacar

Absolutely positive!

The security of Playacar is outstanding. There is no criminal report for the last 5 years. Tourists enjoy their holiday safely. The tour guides are specially trained in order to serve the travelers perfectly.

The nightlife is safe too. You can party with friends all night on the beach. The alleys are safe to walk in the sky. Though there is no risk of snatchers on the beach, you should carry your own belongings along with you during the trip.

Playacar is worth visiting during your next holiday plan in Mexico. It offers the most convenient seaside staying and enjoyment. You should take the chance and let the fun increased. ENJOY!

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