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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Are you planning to visit somewhere beautiful?

According to the opinion taken given by most of the tourists, a place full of natural beauties is the best place for visiting on vacation. Some tourists add that a tourism place has to be occupied with lots of shopping opportunities, spots, and restaurants. And, this is why; Playa del Carmen is exactly the perfect dish for every tourist in the world!

Here, we will help you in getting a glance at Playa del Carmen. If you have already planned to visit there, this is going to be interesting and informative for you. If no plan is still made, we are going to help you in making one for the next vacation.

Playa del Carmen: An Attraction Center of Mexico

People from around the world grab a plane ticket directly to Cancun every year. This is the nearest airport to Playa del Carmen. The city is located in Riviera Maya region. If Playa del Carmen is the dish for tourists, Riviera Maya is the dining table.

The city Riviera Maya includes other tourism spots along with Playa del Carmen; such as Playacar, Xpu-Ha, Puerto Morelos, Akumal. Whenever one enters in the Riviera Maya, the vacation starts by itself. Now, let’s have a look at what attracts the visitors to Playa del Carmen.

  • People: First of all, the city has a decent amount of 150 thousand people living here. Their simple lifestyle and hospitable mindset will attract anyone. Walking in the city at any time of the day is safer than any other countries in the world.

  • Climate and Weather: Mexico is commonly known as a shiny country. The weather of Playa del Carmen bears the symbol of shininess. You need not worry about a sudden storm or unfriendly weather.

  • Beaches: The central attraction of the city is its huge beaches. People go there to suntan. The surrounding is neat and clean. Mexican tourism department is aware of their valuable visitors. The safety issue is highly maintained by the tourism police and beach guards.

Downtown Playa del Carmen

Downtown Playa del Carmen

The beaches are safe not only in daylight but also at night. (Source)

  • 5th Avenue: As we were saying about the opportunity of shopping, Playa Del Carmen has a plenty of shops in the 5th Along with showpieces, the necessary tools are also available here.

  • Adventures: If you like to experience the wildlife, visit the Xplore Adventure Park. Either you can tie yourself in the cable and go from one peak to another, or drive in a jeep like Jurassic Park movie! It is a complete package of entertainment and excitement.

  • Cenotes: Do you wish to swim under the ground? It is possible if you are in Playa del Carmen! There are five cenotes where tourists can swim around. Each of them is ancient in age, but completely safe. The authority has taken care of securing the safety issues.

These Cenotes are:

  1. Aktun Chen

  2. Gran Cenote

  3. Cenote Angelita

  4. Azul Cenote

  5. Cenote Cristalino

Deep down in these Cenotes, there are stalactites and stalagmites.


Playa del Carmen - Mamitas Beach

Playa del Carmen – Mamitas Beach

There are more surprising events in the city! It is welcoming every visitor with new rides and new themes.

Landmarks: Special Sites for Special Occasions

Depending on the duration of your vacation, Playa del Carmen has a plenty of landmarks. The list given downward can be really helpful for getting a short overview.

Nature: Wildlife, beach, and dolphin

  • Xcaret Park: The best place for dolphin lovers.

  • Muyil: A site that can take tourists a thousand years back.

  • Rio Secreto: Caves are the most interesting part of this place.

  • Playa Mamitas: Another beautiful sea beach in Mexico.

  • Delphinus Riviera Maya: Schools of dolphin will not let your eyes to be tired!

  • Portal Maya: This is like an entrance made by the ancestors. It stands near the beach showing the portal for the sea.

  • Emotions Native Park: A complete experience of wildlife. Don’t miss!

Arts and Culture

  • Gastón Charó: The place where you can be delighted with Mexican culture and arts.

  • Museo Frida Kahlo: If you enter Mexico and forget about Frida Kahlo, it is a shame! To make it convenient, there is an amazing museum situated in Playa del Carmen. It has most of the original masterpieces of this amazing painter. She is going to stun you with those amazing self-portraits.

Amusement Places

  • Playacar: Love playing golf? Your place it is!

  • SAYAB Planetari: The city gets its full form at night. For experiencing the stars, this planetarium is a must-to-go.

  • Casinos: Nightlife in Playa del Carmen is great for party-loving people. There is a chance of enjoying beachside parties and casinos. Some casinos are as good as Las Vegas. You will not feel alone in there.


Moving from one place to another is quite easy. Taxi service is available at a reasonable rate. Also, shuttle service inside the town is very popular with the tourists. Mayab buses are known to be the common transportation for everyone.

And, if you have enough budget and want to add some flavor to the vacation, hire a limo from the rental service!


Zenzi Restaurant & Beach Club

Heaven at the Beach! Zenzi Restaurant & Beach Club

Playa del Carmen: “I would love to go, but how?”

As the place is one of the most favorite tourist spots, there is always a rush from the local and international travel agencies. This is why the tourist needs to book a ticket for Cancun Airport.

Along with the air ticket, it is essential to confirm hotel rooms. If you ask me, sea-facing hotel rooms are really comfortable. And, this will give you the exact feeling of a luxurious vacation. Cost? It is pretty much affordable for everyone. The most valuable tour can be completed within a range of $1,000 USD apart from shopping.

“I know how, but what is the best time of the year?”

People can come and enjoy in Playa del Carmen at any time. But, April-May is the best period to visit this beautiful city. Sea beaches and sky are mixed in a harmony. There is less chance of raining and powerful wind.

Also, there is a rush in December-January every year. Because of the holidays of the western schedule and Christmas, the number of visitors increases. (Source)

Only Playa del Carmen? No!

Playa del Carmen is the best place to start the vacation. When this phase is completed, tourists can pay a visit to the nearby towns.

  1. Puerto Morelos: It is located between the Cancun airport and Playa del Carmen. The natural beauty is truly enjoyable.

  2. Akumal: Another town of Riviera Maya district. The coral reefs will mesmerize your tour.

  3. Tulum: A forty minute bus journey from Playa del Carmen to Tulum makes your journey better with huge beaches and sweet breezes.

  4. Cozumel: It will not be a good idea to miss the chance of visiting Cozumel. Tourists with diving sensation, enjoy the most in here.

Lastly, we can conclude by saying that Playa del Carmen is not the end, but the beginning of your vacation in Mexico. Its delightful day and luxurious nightlife are amazingly good. The security is more than satisfactory. People living in the city have warmth for the visitors. Of course, paying a visit for the next vacation in Playa del Carmen will be a great decision indeed.



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