Palenque: The Hidden Mayan City of Jungle - Playa de Carmen ENJOY - Mayan Ruin

Palenque: The Hidden Mayan City of Jungle

Palenque: The Hidden Mayan City of Jungle

If you are looking for a calm and historical hideout in Mexico.

There is no better alternative than going to Palenque. This is one of the unique Mayan cities of Chiapas.

The actual meaning of the word Palenque is big water. The nearby waterfalls were the reason behind naming the city.

You should not let the chance go of visiting this jungle city built by the Mayans.

Which is the most convenient route Palenque?”

It depends on your budget and time. When you are in the Yucatan Peninsula for spending a long vacation, you can take a bus directly to the Palenque from Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun. They take around 12-15 hours to reach.

A bus from Merida takes comparatively less time to reach this stunning archaeological site.

And, when you are in a compact holiday package, don’t waste your time on bus journey. Simply get on a plane and land on the Palenque airport. Take the prepaid cabs from the airport and you will reach faster than any other routes!

Another way is available from the eastern part. You need to take a bus from Villahermosa or San Cristobal de las Casas. Do you have any interest in the Mexican people? Then, we recommend journeying in the collective vans. It allows you to mix with the native Mexican people.

So, which option will you take from the above?

“What are the attractions of Palenque?”

The emerging rate of tourists in Palenque indicates that there must be something special about the site. The temples, palace, and other infrastructures inside the jungle are the actual reason for going there. Also, waterfalls nearby Palenque have added an extra flavor for the visitors.

Now, let’s have a glance at the excavated places of the city that brings thousands of visitors every year.

  • Temple of Inscription

Mayans were highly enthusiastic about preserving their history. They wanted to preserve the history for the future generation. Most of their knowledge and study have been written as inscriptions in this temple. The temple was used for funerals of the rulers.

On one of the sarcophagi found in the pyramid, it was written about the rebirth of Maya Maize God. Some of the portions of the pyramid are still unexplained to the archaeologists.

  • Cross Group Temples

This is a set of three temples in a single pyramid-like infrastructure. Tourists climb on them to take photos with the murals and sculptures. Temple of Sun and temple of the Cross were used for worshiping the rising and setting sun.

Another temple named the foliated cross was used for the ruler. He, along with his fellow governors gathered in the temple for paying respect to the God.

You can go in every one of them. But it will take time to climb. Be careful about the slippery staircases.

  • The Central Palace

In the middle of the city, the central palace of Palenque is located. The building process continued for approximately 400 years. According to the references and studies of the archaeologists, the palace was used only by the elite ones.

The main purpose of the palace was politics and amusement. In the palace, you can visit the ceremonial corridor. It was for the ritualistic ceremonies.

  • The Observation Tower and Corbel Arch

When you are in Palenque, the architectural value of each infrastructure is going to mesmerize your eyes. The observation tower of the palace is built in several phases. It is similar to the modern art of building.

Similarly, the Corbel Arch’s roof is quite different. It took a huge effort in creating an A-shaped rooftop. All you can see and take pictures with is available in the Palenque.

  • The Museum of Palenque

Not all the archaeological objects are available in the main city. The special ones are preserved carefully in the museum. There you will find the mask of the Red Queen and other valuable sculptures.

Some of the collected objects are stored in the Mexican’s National Museum of History and Anthropology. Before leaving the country, try to take a look at there.

  • Waterfalls

Every visitor of Palenque falls in love with the waterfalls. Agua Azul and Roberto Barrio are the two most visited waterfalls. When you complete visiting the Palenque ruins, take a shower and spend some time in the fresh water of these waterfalls.

Misol-Ha is also a popular waterfall of Palenque ruins. You will get the opportunity to go behind the waterfall too!

Palenque Ruins in Chiapas! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Palenque Ruins in Chiapas!


“Hungry!!! Where Should We Eat in Palenque?”

Palenque is known for making the best Mexican salad. Café Jade is the best place for spending some time grabbing a coffee cup. They make the best cappuccino in the Palenque.

If you are looking for tasting the local foods, Restaurant Maya Canada will be a good choice. And, Monte Verde is known as the all-in-one restaurant in the area. You should not miss the chance to dine at Monte Verde.

Is there any comfortable place for staying?”

A plenty!

Yes. The people in Palenque are building new hotels and resorts for increasing the income. Instead of staying near the jungle, you should go back and stay at the Villahermosa. There is a lot of hotels and resorts available for staying at night.

Near Palenque, there are expensive resorts. You have to contact local guides for booking one of them.

Safety Issue in Palenque

This Mayan Ruin is in the middle of a jungle. So, you must take care of the transportation. Also, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit for swimming in the waterfall. We suggest not buying anything unless it is mandatory. The local sellers ask really high price for every product.

There is no chance of uncertain criminal activity. The place is monitored by the security department of the state. It means that you can wander at your will.

Finally, Palenque is a nicely excavated Ruins of Mexico. Not only the archaeological site but also the natural beauty of the city has made it a hot cake among the tourists from around the globe.

Palenque from Playa del Carmen


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