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Oxkintok: The Mayan City of Tzat Tun Tzat

Oxkintok: The Mayan City of Tzat Tun Tzat

First of all, are you considering visit an archaeological site?

If yes, the Yucatan Peninsula is going to be a blast for you. Every part of this Yucatan Peninsula region is full of Mayan ruins. Any part you go, you will find something that is either open to the public or under the excavation process. Oxkintok is one of them.

Location of Oxkintok

Being one of the most beautiful archaeological sites, Oxkintok has an outstanding environment for welcoming tourists. It is located in the Puuc area of the state of Yucatan. To get in there, you must take the south-eastern Mexican highway.

Significances of Oxkintok

The best part of the place is its architectural characteristics. All the buildings, temples and ball courts bear the ancient Mayan artistic tradition. However, the stones used for the building purpose are polished well and that has made it possible to preserve the buildings so well even after centuries.

The monuments and sculptures found in the place are quite astonishing. Archaeologists believe that the place was a center for the people related to pottery.

What to See in Oxkintok

Are you planning a visit to Oxkintok on your next vacation to Mexico? Well, there is a plenty of attractive things that will make your day special in this Mayan ruin.


Rather than play a traditional game! The Tzat Tun Tzat is the major attraction of the site. There is no exact reason found by the archaeologists for building this infrastructure. According to the dating method, it was built in the classical Columbian period of Mayan civilization.

Due to the inscriptions inside the walls of this amazing structure will give you an opportunity to experience the ancient texts.


Mayan had an interesting sculpture method with columns. They used to shape a limestone column with the face of deities or warriors. The place is in excellent conditions.

They are designed to represent the power possessed by the lord and the gods. Even some sculptures were used for worshipping the sun. People living nearby the city came to these temples for showing respect to those sculptures and gods.

Before going for a war, warriors and the leader of the battle present in front of the king to pay tribute to their ancestors. These were recorded using the hieroglyphics beneath the sculptures.

Royal Tombs

The grave-robbers did not let the tombs remain undisturbed. In spite of their disturbances to the buried souls, there are some tombs preserved perfectly in the main site. They had to face the Mayan funeral tradition while burying the dead bodies. However, the graves have a crafted design from the pre-classical period.

Each of the dead people was decorated with ornaments and gifts for their journey to the afterlife. The tombs have provided different information on dating. One of the buried persons found in a tomb was covered with a jade mask. That makes an assumption of being a loyal member of the Oxkintok rulers.

Ball Court

Finally, the Ballcourt is the most special part of any Mayan city. Oxkintok is no different. A three-storied ball court has been built by the people here. You can take pictures from the top of the court.

Oxkintok Ruins - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Oxkintok Ruins – Playa del Carmen ENJOY


How to Get There?

Maxcanu is the nearest area that will help you to access in the Oxkintok. Also, you can simply rent a car from Merida to Oxkintok. That will take not more than two hours and gives you the liberty to stop and enjoy the countryside.

Precautions While Going in Oxkintok

You should bring a tour guide in order to get the most authentic information. There is an entrance fee you must pay. So, rather than bringing dollars or any foreign currency, you should bring pesos. That will save you from a lot of problems.

 The place is very hot in the summer. If you have a plan for visiting Oxkintok in summer, bring your umbrella or hat. Apply sunscreen to avoid any skin issue.

Oxkintok ruin is safe and guarded by the police. There is no sign of snatchers for a long time. However, you should always carry your own bag and the other necessary belongings. The nearby tribes are friendly enough to offer you meal. As there is no hotel nearby, try to bring food from Merida or Maxcanu.

And, avoid the plan of staying in Oxkintok. Get back in the town before the sun sets. The road from Merida to Oxkintok is a quiet one. Drive safe avoiding the animals.

Oxkintok was an enriched Mayan city. Its beauty is still worth watching. To fulfill your curiosity on Mayan culture, a trip to the Oxkintok can be a great option. It will not let you feel monotony. Keep the place clean by avoiding littering. Respect the Mayans and enjoy the view. Have fun!


Oxkintok from Playa del Carmen


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