Theme Parks in Riviera Maya

Must to Visit Theme Parks of Riviera Maya

Must to Visit Theme Parks of Riviera Maya

Have your eyes get tired of watching the Caribbean Sea wave?

Or, do you want to add something more adventurous on your tour to the Riviera Maya? And, there is no better alternative than visiting a theme park of Riviera Maya.

There are some outstanding parks in the area that keeps you excited as well as relaxed all day long. In this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, theme parks are mostly the combo of ecological reserves and river. Let’s have a look at the top theme parks of Riviera Maya.

Theme Parks in Riviera MayaXel-Ha

Among a plenty of inlets in Riviera Maya, this one has been maintained properly and created as an enjoyable park for the tourists. This is actually a natural aquarium which also has a cenote, lagoon and many other breathtaking events.

Xel-Ha is near Playa del Carmen. All you need is to book a trip and your part is completed. You will get all the advantages of hotel pickup and snacks. But, what are the events that keep people attached to the park?

Snorkeling underwater is the major part of the tour in Xel-Ha. You can use the inner tube for getting at the top. No need to bring extra food! The whole Mayan cuisine is available inside the park.

Lie on the ground wherever you want. If the ground is not enough, get a tube and float on the river water.

You will get snorkeling and inner tube for free. But bringing a biodegradable sunscreen is advisable. The surrounding ecology is sensitive to some chemicals. Keep an eye on the children. Let the day pass with the maximum enjoyment in Xel-Ha!

XcaretTheme Parks in Riviera Maya

Another park of Riviera Maya that may steal your heart in the first impression is Xcaret. This is a Mayan-based eco theme park. You have to reach the park by a private transportation system. We suggest getting on a collectivo.

Xcaret has included over forty different events. One of them is to visit a Mayan village. Hold on the thought! This is not a real one but has been replicated with great care. When you enter the village, you will actually feel of getting back to the ancient Mayan civilization.

The snorkeling event is always the best thing to do in Xcaret. You may rent the gear from the park depending on your ticket. If you get tired of watching artificial villages, the Jaguar Island can become a perfect place to go. For sure, the underground river tour is an exceptional one!

The journey does not end in daylight! A light show at night represents the historical evolution of Mexico. Don’t miss that unnecessarily!


Theme Parks in Riviera MayaXplore Fuego

Do you want to measure how much adventure you can face? Xplore Fuego is the right choice for a breathtaking jungle adventure. Each part of the tour in this park includes a plenty of adrenaline rush.

The most adventurous part is the rafting inside caves. There are lights and you may not feel of living in a modern world. For a moment, the caves and the river will make you forget about the noise!

The jungle tour is another extremely stunning part. All you can hear is the murmuring and cricket sounds. Hanging bridges and pit of crocodile are the two most visited place of the park. However, you may enjoy the panoramic view from the peak as well as the lightening caves. The adventure is truly unspeakable in words!

Let the underground world of Riviera Maya amaze you!

Xoximilco Theme Park

If you are visiting in Mexico and have not tasted the real Mexican tradition and culture, this will be regretful! To make your holiday night one of the best nights, Xoximilco Park has arranged a lot for you!

Xoximilco is a ‘90s theme based park including all the cultural and traditional elements of Mexico. Also, a cruise boarding on the Riviera Maya and Cancun wandering are outstanding. You can actually explore the sparkle nights of the Riviera Maya.

Get a glass of wine and dance with friends. Become a part of the Mexican culture while seeing the exhibition. And, don’t forget to hear the folk music! That is something else. The most appropriate way of enjoying the night at Xoximilco is arranging a Mexican dinner and fiesta.

The cultural touch and traditional belongings of the beautiful country will make your night more stunning. You can book the tour at Xoximilco from online. It is at the heart of Puerto Morelos and easily accessible from Cancun Airport.

Rio Secreto

When you love both the underground river and dark caves surrounded by stalactites, Rio Secreto is going to be the exact park that you are seeking right now. The best part of Rio Secreto is the magical top view and the night long party!

Tours of Rio Secreto is limited. You need to register it and arrange a booking while you plan. Though it is a cenote having some external events, the internal beauty, as well as the photographic background is out of the world.

No person can feel bored inside the Rio Secreto. Before and after the swimming and snorkeling, the tour includes a party for the participators. The homelike feeling will bring all of you near the Mexican culture.

Rio Secreto of Riviera Maya is nothing less than a lifetime experience. The natural light playing inside the walls of that underground water is awesome.

The park is in Playa del Carmen. All you need is to order for a visit and the rest will be taken care of. The tour is only prohibited for claustrophobics. Otherwise, it will be the best moment of your upcoming holiday.


Xenotes TourTheme Parks in Riviera Maya

How about a tour with all the possible water events? This is exactly the motive of Xenotes! A tour in this park-based cenote can fulfill your thirst for adventure.

It is a combined tour to four cenotes. Every type of adventurous sports is included in it. Starting from the kayaking to zip lining, snorkeling to inner-tubing, all are available.

This is basically a compact tour to keep you wet in the waters. In the whole tour, you will be able to visit K’aak Fire, Lu’um Earth, Ha’ Water, and Ilk Wind cenotes.

It takes near to the forest and green parts of Mexico. Wildlife of the Riviera Maya region is truly worth exploring.

Each Theme park of the Riviera Maya is great. Different events and adventurous sites have made them furthermore beautiful. If you get enough time, try not to miss any of these theme parks. Have fun in Mexico!


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