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Mexican Beer – The Best Drink for the Beach

Mexican Beer – The Best Drink in the Beach

The most refreshing and light Mexican beers Undoubtedly, the best companion of the heat at the beach at Playa del Carmen is a beer.

We want to share a list of some of the beers from our team of experts that we consider are perfect for the warm climatic surge looming.  

The beers that we recommend below are some of the most refreshing and light beers offered by the Brewers of Mexico;

They are easy to drink, mild on the palate and have a subtle body and a light flavor that will make you fall in love with them all, especially if you are a brewer who does not like very strong sensations.

Great Mexican Beers to drink in Playa del Carmen


Pilsner style and a 4.5% ABV is a refreshing beer that balances its bitterness, with sweet notes.

Not having a high level of alcohol or a high IBU, it is not difficult to understand because it is one of the most popular beers in the northeast of the country, and above all, one of the most requested on Mexican beaches.  

Indian Pilsner

With a small variation in the preparation of Indian beer, was born the Pilsner Indian, a beer that unlike the original Vienna style, is a pilsner beer, as the name says so.

It has touches of tequila blue and corn tequila, and with an ABV of 4.1% and a very low IBU, this beer is perfect for all those who want to enjoy the heat.  


Cayaco de Cervecería de Colima    

This Light Lager is the first Mexican beer of its kind to win one of the coveted medals of the World Beer Cup, the largest and most important brewing competition in the world.

And it’s not for nothing, the Cayaco has a light body, with impeccable clarity, a white foam, and a floral aroma with citrus notes.

Its name is inspired by the cool shade of a palm of Cayaco, the highest of the native palms of Colima.  

Mediterranea Light by Beer Factory    

It is a light body beer. It is made with pale malts and a low hop content and has an ABV of 4%, which makes it perfect for those who prefer beers without a lot of body and little bitterness.

And the fact that they serve it directly from the barrel and in a special glass in Beer Factory, make it a little more special.  

Ceiba Light from Cervecería Ceiba    

According to the Ceiba brewers, this beer is ideal for those who are worried about gaining weight when drinking beer.

This beer is low in calories, light and therefore very refreshing if it is cold.

This Lager Light has an ABV of 3.9% and an almost imperceptible bitterness.

Makes it very easy to drink, especially for brewers who are not used to drinking often.

Cañita of Cervecería Fortuna    

Until recently, the Cervecería Fortuna did not have a Lager-style beer, but when they saw that the demand for this product was great.

They decided to create their own recipe, and the result was Cañita, a light, refreshing and easy-drinking beer.

With an Alc. 4.2% volume and an almost imperceptible IBU, this Fortuna beer will make you fall in love with the heat.  

Diosa Blanca of Minerva Brewery      

To finish this list, we changed the style to lager and light, a beer made from wheat, perfect for those sunny and hot days.

The Diosa Blanca of Minerva Brewery presents a very light and balanced sweetness.

It comes from citrus fruits of orange and tangerine. Your end is refreshing, as we hope your summer will be.

Mexican Beer - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Top Mexican Beers


Mexican Beer History and Taste

The Origin of beer

It goes back to nine thousand years, in the Middle East, in what today occupies Iraq, manufacture by the Sumerians.

For several centuries and numerous experiments, would lead him to perfect its flavor and quality.

Today, one of the favorite drinks worldwide, particularly among Americans are Mexican Beer. 

Which has placed the country in the tenth place in beer consumption worldwide?

Since its arrival in the New World after the Spanish conquest, the first attempts to manufacture it.

The difficult stage of acceptance during the New Spain era, and its subsequent consolidation during the 20th century, both in taste and in a flourishing Mexican industry.

The beer was not necessarily the first variety of fermented drink that reached the human palate.


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It was undoubtedly one of the oldest beverages and today It is, perhaps, the most popular in the world.

It was in 1542 when the monarch Carlos V authorized that in New Spain beer could be brewed.

“They brought European brewers to be able to do it, who had the necessary skill, practice, and experience.

This first brewery remained around four or five years because it did not have the conditions to survive.

In addition, the first Mexican beers were very expensive and, therefore, production was minimal.

They decide to bring beer in boats, transport had to have certain conditions so that the drink would not spoil. “

Major Brewery Mexican Companies

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the big brewing companies began to emerge, such as:

Modelo & Cuauhtemoc – Moctezuma

Founded by Spaniards in 1925, near a River to have enough water, who brought foreign experts to make it.

This company began to expand and in 1950 it acquired a Yucatan brewery.

Which was very productive, but interestingly when it was acquired, it ceased to be so.

However, it continued its growth, reaching eight brands and merging with Mexican partners.

Slowly, more companies started to open up with national capital, such as Corona, which currently exports to many countries.

Indio, Tecate, Cuauhtémoc, Yucateca, Moctezuma, are top Brands of Moctezuma – Cuahtemoc Brewery.

Mexican beer sells a lot around the world and is consider Premium brands.

The main consumers are Germany, with a great tradition and they organize for one month the Oktoberfest.

After Germany, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark and the United States, which has countless factories.


Mexican Beer in Playa del Carmen


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