Mayapan: The Mayan City of Pottery - Mayan Ruin

Mayapan: The Mayan City of Pottery

Mayapan: The Mayan City of Pottery

Do you wish to see one of the largest ruins of the Yucatan state in Mexico? If you are traveling to Merida, have a detour in Mayapan. Thankfully, this site is now open for visiting and not much crowded. The place has not yet become a tourist-friendly spot.

The major reason for visiting Mayapan is witnessing a tourist spot to grow. The ruin is completely different from the other ruins in this Peninsula. Feeling curious about the place? Let’s start digging dip into this ruin topic then!

Where is Mayapan Ruins Located and How to Get in There?

Firstly, Mayapan ruins and Mayapan city is not the same. We are talking about the ruins which are still under the excavating process. The location of the ruins is in Merida of the Yucatan State. When you have a plan of visiting all the Mayan ruins, it cannot be better than starting the journey from Mayapan.

Chichen Itza, the strongest city of the ancient Mayan civilization is not very far from Mayapan. And, keeping these two ruins in your tour plan will increase the enjoyment a lot! Chichen Itza is already a popular tourist place because of its pyramids and elite buildings. However, Mayapan was a place of potters and middle-class people of Mayan civilization.

The most appropriate way to get in Mayapan is by hiring a car or taxi for the day. It does not take more than 5 hours to complete the visit. So, you should hire the transport for the whole day. There are some buses available from Tecoh and Merida to Mayapan. You can also use them.

What to See in Mayapan?

A decent yet unequally developed civilization

In the Pre-Colombian period, Mayan civilization was facing a distinct inequality among the states. Though Mayapan was an ally of the Chichen Itza, the politically powerful city, it had to suffer a numerous tragedy. The city sustained before the Spanish invasion.

The available evidence shows that the city was populated with more than 12 thousand inhabitants. Most of them were farmer and potter. The strong surrounding wall of the Mayapan ruins indicates several attacks during the time. At the last of its time, the city saw a ruler free from the influence of Chichen Itza.

To witness the history, there is a plenty of buildings in the area.

  • Kukulcan Temple: A pyramid shape temple is located in the central area of the ruins. This temple of Kukulcan was for worshipping a deity. Mayans believed that the deity comes in form of a snake and helps the people.

  • Redondo Temple: Mayans left the proof of their architectural knowledge in every column of Mayapan. The Redondo temple has a beautiful engraved wall with the face of snakes and other Mayan worshipped deities.

  • Observatory: Unlike the other civilization in the world, Mayans had a great interest in Astronomy. There is an ancient planetarium or observatory here. The walls of the observatory have several types of the inscription.

  • Murals: Mayan artists drew a plenty of murals not only in building walls but also in surrounding fortress walls. One of them contains the planet, Venus. It shows how Venus could enter into the solar disk. Such important knowledge was pretty much unexpected from an ancient civilization.

  • Sculptures: The ancient inhabitants of the city had a beautiful sense of pottery. The archaeologists have discovered a bunch of crafts, sculptures and Not only the designs but also the shapes of these relics are outstanding.

  • Tombs: The place is still facing the excavating process. The tomb of the last king has been found yet not opened for visiting. Mayans built small and medium-sized pyramids to bury the royal people.

  • Buildings: Along with the important infrastructure, don’t forget to visit a commoner’s house. This is the evidence that bears the memory of inequality. The alliance with Chichen Itza cost them a lot. Uxmal helped the city while founding. Later on, Mayapan got the liberty of its own. You will see the buildings bearing the scar of wars and battles.


Mayapan: The Mayan City of Pottery

Mayapan: The Mayan City of Pottery

Where to Stay in Mayapan

Mayapan is accessible with a small admission fee. As the place is not an announced tourist spot, you will not find any hotel for staying nearby. It is recommended to get back in Merida for staying at night.

What are the precautions?

The ruins have a lot of unexcavated places. There is a chance of facing a snake or iguana. Don’t bother them unnecessarily and they will not bother you. Apply only biodegradable sunscreen to help the surrounding ecological system. Carry water of your own for drinking.

Mayapan is less crowded, calm and quiet Mayan ruins of Merida and Tecoh. Go there and pass some time.


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