Isla Mujeres: The Mexican Island of Relaxation

Isla Mujeres: The Mexican Island of Relaxation

Isla Mujeres: The Mexican Island of Relaxation

Are you devastated by the compact tours in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico? Well, we have brought good news for you to get relaxed. Visiting Isla Mujeres works like a tonic for relaxation according to the experiences of the tourists in Mexico.

“Isla Mujeres?”

“A stunning Caribbean island near Cancun”

It takes 2 hours to get in Isla Mujeres from Cancun by a ferry. This is a 7-kilometer long island. Though the place is comparatively tinier than the other places of the Peninsula, it has sufficient space to get you relaxed.

The best and most affordable way of getting in Isla Mujeres is ferry or a boat. You can book a boat trip from Puerto Juarez or Playa Caracol. Also, to make it more interesting, chartering a Cessna will be great (though it’s going to cost you a lot!)

“What Are the Attractions of the Island?”

Actually, each particle of the island welcomes the tourists with the maximum hospitality. The bluish-green water of the Caribbean coast lets you enjoy the calmness of the sea.

There are more to find out in the following!

Whale Shark Adventure

Will not it be fun to hang out with some monstrous-looking sharks? In Isla Mujeres, you can swim around with groups of the whale shark. They are vegetarian and eat only phytoplankton. So, you will not be harmed!

Hacienda Mundaca

This island city was used by the Caribbean pirates for a long time. Hacienda Mundaca is a proof of their dominance in this region. It was created by one of the deadliest pirates of that time, Mundaca. You have the opportunity to experience the ancient art of the building. The solar clock is also an attractive thing to see at this place.

Tortuga Granja

Whenever you visit the Yucatan Peninsula, never leave the chance to swim with turtles. The Tortuga Granja is a turtle farm aided by the government. Not only turtles but also rays and seahorses are available here. Swim alongside these amazing sea creatures and let the time pass with happiness!

Playa Norte

The main attraction and the best place for relaxing in the Isla Mujeres

Grab a chair or hop into the sea water. Get tanned under the warm sunlight. Ask for a glass of beer from the nearby bars and spend the whole day lying, drinking and singing. Do anything that relaxes you. The currents of the sea will also help your nerves to be relaxed.

The northern beaches of the Isla Mujeres are often crowded. Try to go after the sundown for enjoying a beautiful thudding of the water. And, if you love partying, go in the morning!

Punta Sur (Garrafon Park)

Do you love scuba diving or underwater snorkeling in coral reefs?

The cliffs of Punta Sur are the most ideal place for adventurous people. Kayaking and diving are the actual attraction of the place. There is another feature of the cliff. The morning light of the region strikes first at this peak.

So, you can just grab a moped and go to the cliff to experience the first sunlight of Mexico.


Whoever likes dolphin, will like Isla Mujeres for sure! There is a huge opportunity to pass a day with these beautiful creatures in the aquarium.


From the Cancun, you can rent a boat and dive underwater on the Isla Mujeres in order to find a spectacular view of the underwater museum. MUSA was created for blending the natural corals with the modern arts. It requires 4 hours to complete visiting the whole underwater sculpture museum.

Isla Mujeres: The Mexican Island of Relaxation

Isla Mujeres: The Mexican Island of Relaxation


“Sounds Good! Where to Stay in Isla Mujeres?”

Hotel Posada del Mar and Bahia CHAC Chi are two most renowned hotels of the Island. But you need to book a suite before arriving. Otherwise, they are unavailable in tourist’s season.

“What will be the Ideal Time for Visiting?”

As Isla Mujeres is a Caribbean Island, there is always the risk of uncertain weather condition. Fortunately, the place is warm and sunny. Depending on your holiday, visit between March-September.

Safety Issues on the Island

The price of some food items and fabrics are too high to purchase. Rather than buying from here, try to buy from Cancun. And, don’t forget to bring your own swimsuit or bathing suit while visiting the beach. The sunlight is scorching here. So, apply some sunscreen before going to beaches.

The major transportation system of the island is golf carts and mopeds. You need to rent them for a whole day in order to go anywhere. Also, internal local bus service is available. But they are not good for a comfortable journey.

What are you waiting for? Pack your staff and set a tour for the Isla Mujeres. Enjoy the magic of Caribbean island!


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