Isla Holbox: A New Place to Be Discovered by the Tourists

Isla Holbox: A New Place to Be Discovered

Isla Holbox: A New Place to Be Discovered by the Tourists

The lifetime opportunity for any tourist is to spend some days in a calm, quiet and peaceful place. Isla Holbox is exactly what is required for a deep contemplation.

This is a less crowded tourist spot in Mexico. The emerging number of tourists in this area is showing a sign that the place is going to be one of the most attractive places in the world. Some extraordinary features of the place have created a reputation for this beautiful spot.

“Isla Holbox! Where is it?”

Do you have a holiday to spend with your dear ones? Then, book a ticket immediately directly to Cancun airport. From Cancun, there are two options. One is to fly directly from Cancun to Holbox. Another way to enter in the there is a ferry.

From the Chiquila Ferry terminal, you will get a lot of ferries. These are for carrying tourists to the island.

It is on the northern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Flamingo-dotted lagoon is in the middle of the peninsula and Holbox. This Mexican territory is highly enriched with natural beauties. The marine drive by the Caribbean Sea is truly an experience of the lifetime.

A plenty of more exciting events are waiting for you on this narrow island.

“Ok! I will love to visit Holbox, but where will I stay?”

Isla Holbox is a promising tourist spot. Right now, a lot of infrastructures is being built to make it a perfect place for tourists.

Also, the authority has been keeping a sharp eye on these buildings to ensure the maximum preservation of the natural beauty. Most of the people here are fishermen.

There are resorts, hotels and PG houses for the travelers. Holbox Hotel Mawimbi is one of the most decorated and affordable hotels for the tourists. You will get a view of the morning ocean from the balcony.

Xaloc Resort, Golden Paradise Beach, and Vilas HM Paraiso del Mar are the three most charming resorts. You need to spend some extra money on finding a resort. However, Ca’Rita Hotel & Suites are a nice stay for tourists.

If you have enough money to spend for a peaceful vacation, Beach Guest houses or Villas Flamingos are the two most eligible place for staying in Isla Holbox.

What Tourists Do in Isla Holbox?

As we stated earlier that there is a lot of events for tourists in this natural island, every one of them will help you in making the vacation beautiful. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Do you want to fly like a bird? Isla Holbox is famous for learning kiteboarding. There are a plenty of instructors in here. Join any one of them as a learner.

The wind and water of the island are perfect for kiteboarding. There is no particular time for doing it. Learning it will not take much time. Once you learn how to fly in the air and surf in the water, the excitement and enjoyment will be awesome!


Isla Holbox is the mine of fish. If you have a wish to become a part-time fisherman, book a private fishing tour in a boat. The charter company provides a guide and expert fisherman to help the tourist. Catch some fishes and eat them at night on the seashore.

Whale Shark and Dolphin Watching

Dolphin schools roam around the island all day long. Along with them, a vegetarian type of shark, also known as whale shark can also be seen. Book a ticket for watching them closely. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to swim with them!

It is completely harmless.


Keep one of your holidays for Yum Balam Reserve. It is a conservation center for rare species, surrounded by trees. Just like a national park. Swimming and refreshing sceneries of the forest will give you a perfect peaceful feeling.

The wildlife tours also include bird-watching. Flamingo is a royal bird of the island. Its steady movement and the royal attitude win the heart of every birdwatcher. Pinkish Flamingos are mostly sighted in this region.

All you need to abide by while bird watching is using a binocular and stay far from them. It is for conservation purpose.

Scuba Diving!

Isla Holbox has a great looking coral reef. The underwater beauty of the reef is outstanding. But you can enjoy the full beauty only when you have scuba gears.

There are some companies like Holbox Adventure, Unexplored Experience, etc. who provide necessary scuba diving lessons and gears. The quiet underwater experience and mesmerizing beauty of the Caribbean Sea are nothing but a plate of surprises.


Isla Holbox is overall a sight to see. Either you can rent a golf cart to go from one place to another or contact at ENJOY travel agency.

Sightseeing by boat is also available. It will cost more than the golf cart tours. But, things like kayaking and canoeing tours are included in the package. Canoeing in the fresh water of Isla Holbox is an unforgettable experience. All of these depend upon your budget, expectation of excitement and weather.


Isla Holbox equal to Heaven! Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Isla Holbox equal to Heaven!


When is Best Time to Visit Isla Holbox?

June-August is hot on the island. The sand is too hot to walk. But the wind is quite comforting. September-January is the best period to visit the island.

Sometimes there remains a stormy weather. The hotels and resorts are safe from that strong wind.

What about the Safety and Criminal Activities?

Isla Holbox is a completely safe island. Most of the inhabitants are poor and live on the earning from tourists. So, they take care of the security of their guests pretty well.

The tourist community gets a warm welcome from the people of Holbox. Although the increasing rate of tourists is also increasing the threat for the environmental elements, the Mexican tourism department and the Yucatan State of Mexico is trying hard to preserve the nature.

This small island of Quintana Roo has been enlisted as the reserve center for extinct animals.

Isla Holbox can be the best place for a peaceful tour. It is naturally enriched from the Caribbean Seawater and Flamingo-dotted lagoon water. The security is satisfactory. There is almost zero chance of getting victimized on this island. When you are in Mexico for a vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to Isla Holbox. Have fun in traveling!


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