Gastronomy Playa del Carmen

The gastronomy of Playa del Carmen, a union of flavors and cultures

The gastronomy of Playa del Carmen, a union of flavors and cultures

The gastronomy of a destination plays an important role in the trip because through the food one can understand and taste the culture of the place

Certainly, Playa del Carmen is a world-class tourist destination located on the Mayan Riviera that is characterized by having a vast gastronomic offer derived from the multiculturalism that resides in this site, due to this is that within the destination you can taste from the delicious and traditional Mexican cuisine to the most mouthwatering international cuisine.

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine has a series of dishes that are characterized by unique flavors and aromas.

The dishes reflect Mexican culture that has accumulated since pre-Hispanic times to the present, and though Mexican cuisine reinvents itself constantly, this retains the essence from their native peoples.

Certainly, the union of cultures and flavors has brought so much wealth to the Mexican cuisine that in 2010 the UNESCO declared it as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Regional cuisine

Main culinary mestizaje suffered Mexican cuisine was given with the mixture of ingredients and flavors of Spanish heritage.

Probably in Playa del Carmen, you can taste the whole traditional cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is one of the gastronomic treasures of Mexico, so the result of the union of ingredients and also pre-Hispanic Mayan flavors with the provided by the Spaniards.

Dishes that you have to try!

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil is a traditional dish from southern Mexico belonging to the Yucatecan gastronomy, and you can taste in several restaurants in Playa del Carmen because of the state of Quintana Roo shares several gastronomic elements with Yucatan and Campeche.

Based on pork marinated in achiote, wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in a ground usually served with purple onions marinated in sour orange juice and habanero pepper.

Where does the Pibil come from?

The Pibil is an ancestral procedure that was initially developed with animals such as deer or wild boar. Nowadays this term is attributed to the food cooked in the stone ovens, which in the Mayan language means baking in.


They are traditional appetizer from the region consisting of small hand-made corn tortillas that containing beans inside and while they are accompanied at the top by some vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, red onion, and meat.

Panuchos variants also include chicken breaded egg, roast, Cochinita Pibil or Turkey and chicken which is the most famous.

They are usually related to the sabultes which are another appetizer of the region, However, their difference also lies in that wherein the panuchos contain beans in the middle of the tortilla.

Lime soup

The lima is an aromatic fruit that is part of citrus, whose flavor is usually between sweet and acid at the end leave a bitter feeling.

This juicy fruit is used also in the preparation of the lime soup, which is a very traditional mestizo dish that captures the essence of the Mayan pre-Hispanic cuisine together with the European cuisine.

Although it is hard to believe the lime is not ingredient main, cause this dish is based on a chicken with onion soup and pepper, seasoned with lime juice and juice julienne of tortillas with roasted slices of lime in the Center as decoration and part of the dish.

Local cuisine

Even with all the cuisine that includes Playa del Carmen, don’t forget to taste unique flavors and aromas boasts its local seafood dishes.

Don’t forget to taste these culinary marvels! o King crab

One of the best dishes of Quintana Roo, steam-cooked fresh crab is ideal for lovers of seafood because its flavor is so unique that we fail to try elsewhere in the country.

Snail ceviche

Ceviche is the ideal fresh food to enjoy on the beach. Traditionally prepared with raw seafood seasoned with lemon to be eaten on salty toast, however, in this part of the country, it is made with sea snail.

For the preparation of this ceviche snail meat is softened and cut into pieces to be marinated with lemon and also accompany it with tomato and onion.

Due to its juicy consistency, this plate is difficult to eat, so that we recommend you to lean slightly towards the dish when you take a bite of this succulent dish.

Where to eat?

Quinta piedra

With a fantastic and relaxing atmosphere, the fifth stone awaits you, a restaurant with Mexican food that will transport you to the roots of Mexican cuisine in every bite you taste.

It is ideal for families, couples and friends, and if you are someone who enjoys traveling in the company of your pet dog, do not hesitate to go to this restaurant as they are also welcome here.

Some of the services offered by this magnificent restaurant are live music, also free Wi-Fi, take-away food and outdoor area for smokers.

Mi Pueblo parrilla Mexicana

Another gastronomic concept of Mi Pueblo the art of traditional Mexican cuisine, the atmosphere with live music inside the restaurant manages to convey the magic of Mexican folklore.

Do not miss the experience of enjoying Mexican cuisine in a molcajete which represents an important part of indigenous cuisine.

Some of the services that Mi Pueblo has are a gluten-free menu, access for wheelchair, banquet and outdoor area for smokers.

México Loco

Mexico loco is the ideal place to enjoy a lively atmosphere in the company of family or friends. The Mexican folklore that it transmits can be observed, felt, and savored, which makes the experience of this restaurant unique.

Here you can not only taste a good tequila but also be part of one, it is a small memory, which is a bottle of tequila that has as a presentation a picture of you with family or friends enjoying a good time inside the place.

Another service offered by this establishment are parking, also free Wi-Fi and takeaway food.

La Cueva del Chango

For people who enjoy being connected to nature, La Cueva del Chango with its gastronomic concept of natural Mexican cuisine is the ideal place, because its rustic architectural design and decoration acclimated with abundant trees and vegetation will make you feel like you are in a corner of the jungle.

Do not forget to taste your food with a delicious juice prepared with fresh fruits or some Mexican wine.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, do not think about it, come and let yourself be surprised with a variety of flavors that you will love.

Alux restaurant

Finally, the extraordinary experience offered by this restaurant is to taste contemporary Mexican cuisine and international cuisine within a natural cavern, which is its main attraction.

It should be noted that in the interior of the cave you can see a luxurious decoration along with the lighting of white and phosphorescent lights.

Some of the exotic dishes that this restaurant offers and you cannot miss are mezcal rabbit stew, also peanut boar and deer tizic.

International cuisine

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the most varied cuisines around the world, which reflects the aromas, textures and also flavors of each of its regions, in the same way, this cuisine is contemplated within the Mediterranean cuisine.

Their dishes are proof of the influence that some Asian countries, Africa and Greece have had on Italian food, due to the fact that some of them settled in this place and took with them their gastronomy and cooking methods.

There is no doubt that this cuisine has exported the best of its gastronomy to the world. Pizza is its most famous dish, which is based on a flour dough spread to which is added tomato sauce, also mozzarella cheese and various ingredients.

Italian restaurants in Playa del Carmem

Il Cestino d’Italia

For people who enjoy tasting Italian cuisine, Il Cestino d’Italia is a little piece of Italy hidden in Playa del Carmen.

Its relaxed and harmonious environment is ideal to taste the flavors and aromas of some dishes such as lasagna, risotto, pasta, and also gnocchi, which are made with fresh products of Italian origin.

If you visit this incredible place do not forget to try the tiramisu, which is an emblematic coffee-based dessert that has left amazed people who have tried it.

To make matters worse, the experience does not end there because you have the option to buy some products such as pasta, coffee, olive oil, cheese, pesto and more to cook at home and still enjoy the best Italian cuisine.

Rey David Ristorant

This pleasant tropical restaurant opens its doors to visitors of the Mayan Riviera inviting them to taste the best Italian cuisine of the prestigious chef Davide Giorgi.

Please do not miss the opportunity to surprise your palate with this chef’s personal recipes, which are true culinary experiences that combine the flavors of two cultures with ingredients extracted from the region.

In this restaurant the culinary experience is not limited in the dish so one of the most pleasant services offered is to delight the guests with aromas and almost all sensations even before tasting their plate, watching as chef David prepares his food.

Perché No

The concept of Perché is to bring a corner of Italy to Playa del Carmen with its dishes made from recipes that were given to them by their mothers and grandmothers.

Concerned about providing the best culinary experience of Italian food, this restaurant strives to obtain the best and freshest products of the region, along with a social commitment to support local businesses and producers.

Do not miss the opportunity to live a pleasant moment in the company of your family or friends while you enjoy focaccia or a delicious fresh artisan pasta.

French cuisine

While French cuisine is considered one of the most important in the world due to the refinement and quality of each of its dishes, one of the main characteristics of this cuisine is the variety, product of the gastronomic diversity that each one has. of their regions.

The evolution of this cuisine since its beginnings in the Middle Ages has been reflected in its ability to adapt to important sociocultural changes such as the French Revolution, transforming its way of preparing without leaving behind the traditional essence of its dishes.

The heritage that French cuisine has left to world cuisine is undeniable since its influence on most western cuisines has been due to the fact that they have adopted ancestral techniques such as the Bouquet Gran (a bunch of parsley, thyme, and Laurel) It has become a classic of world cuisine.

Where to eat?

Le Lotus Rouge

The innovative concept of Le Lotus Rouge revolutionizes the conventional way of creating culinary experiences; In an atmosphere set with circus/theater decorations, this fantastic place will blow up all your senses.

This restaurant invites you to enjoy the art of French gastronomy in a different way, combining it with some scenic arts.

The experiences you will experience inside Le Lotus Rouge are indescribable due to the set of emotions and also feel that this will provoke in you.

Let your imagination fly and free your inner artist; Some of the activities you can do while enjoying a dish or drink are playing an instrument, painting, reading art books and enjoying some performances or live music groups.

Definitely, this restaurant will not stop surprising you, because it has a menu that has healthy dishes options designed for pregnant women and vegetarians or vegans.

Some of the dishes you should try are Lotus Rouge salad, portobello relleno, Filleta New York and Lotus dessert.


This elegant and modern restaurant is the ideal place to discover the aromas and flavors of French gastronomy through innovative and delicious dishes that have everything you need to captivate your palate.

One of its most outstanding dishes is escargots which is a French aperitif based on cooked ground snails, which are served with garlic butter and parsley.

Some other dishes that you can taste are crêpes aux champignons, Queue de langouste a la thiermidor, Boeuf bourgignon a la cocotte and more.

Finally, for a better tasting of its dishes, Azur has an impressive wine list and also a great selection of national and imported cheeses.

Pavo real by the sea

Finally, Pavo real by the sea is a luxury restaurant located in the bay of Maroma.

The restaurant has an interior room decorated with original works of art, an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and a tropical garden.

The culinary experiences offered through its dishes are unique because it has an exuberant menu, which changes according to the seasons of the year, in the same way, the dishes are made from fresh local products and top quality.

To accompany the dishes, it has a wine list and a menu of gourmet craft beers.

Pavo by the sea is ideal for special occasions like romantic dinners, also anniversaries and weddings.


One of the best ways to get to know a place is through its cuisine, so we recommend the following gastronomic tours that will make you know and enjoy Playa del Carmen, in a different way.

PDC Food and City Tour

Ideal for people who visit Playa del Carmen for the first time. It is a 4-hour walk where you will visit an approximate of 6 to 9 different places in which you will have the opportunity to taste the best of traditional Mexican cuisine.

In your quest to learn new customs and traditions, you will enjoy the local atmosphere while listening to stories about the history and culture of Playa del Carmen.

Do not miss the opportunity to interact with the city and visit the places as a real villager aria.

Live and be part of the lifestyle of the Mayan descendants and discover that it makes them a great culture.

Playa del Carmen Food Tour

Enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine and typical Yucatecan dishes on a 2-hour tour.

Live the experience of a full paid tour in which a gastronomic expert will guide you to small restaurants away from 5th avenue.

The tour begins with a tasting of the regional Yucatan food, followed by more tastings of traditional Mexican food and also visit the local market of Mexican farmers.

During your trip, do not worry about anything, leave everything to the expert and just let yourself be carried away by the flavors, aromas and unparalleled culinary experiences that only Mexican cuisine can offer.

Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes or tennis and bring a lot of appetites since the tastings are filling.

Mexican Gourmet Food Tour

Live the best culinary experience of Mexican gourmet food in a 2-hour tour, in which you will walk down the main avenue of the city due to the taste of the aromas and flavors typical of Mexican cuisine.

Finally, visit the most outstanding gourmet restaurants that Playa del Carmen has and let yourself be delighted with the authentic Mexican cuisine.

While, the experience starts in the course of the first restaurant, since you will receive an explanation about the important aspects of Mexican culture that are related to the locality, because during the tour there will be 4 stops in which you will have two food options and You can taste modern and also exquisite dishes prepared by the most distinguished chefs of the Mayan Riviera.

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