Cozumel Scuba Diving

Cozumel: The Town of Mexican Culture

Cozumel: The Town of Mexican Culture

The best way to gather knowledge about Mexican arts and culture, one must visit Cozumel, a city located in the Yucatan Peninsula. The city welcomes more than ten million tourists every year.


“Where is Cozumel and How to Get in?”

Cozumel is a perfectly organized tourist city of Quintana Roo district in Mexico. The main town is situated at the opposite of Playa del Carmen. Most of the tourists keep Cozumel as the next spot for staying after PDC. Just like Playa del Carmen, Cozumel has a plenty of attractive places.

The convenient way of visiting Cozumel is taking the ADO bus service from Cancun International Airport. The bus will drop you near the Yucatan Channel. Then, all you have to do is taking a cab or ask the travel agent to pick you up.

There is another exciting way of getting into the city. You will find a ferry from Playa del Carmen. It will take less than an hour to reach Cozumel.

What to Do in Cozumel?


Actually, Cozumel bears the identification of Mexican tradition and culture. You will find the touch of art, craft, tradition, and years old tradition in every part of the city.

Beach Parties

The best part of any city in the Yucatan Peninsula is having wide beaches. Cozumel is no different. It has some outstanding beaches and each of them is good enough for lying on the whole day.

Thinking about nights in Cozumel? The night wakes up as soon as the sun is set. The beachside party is known as the best part of the nightlife of Cozumel. Here we represent some of the best beaches for partying and sunbathing.

  • Paradise Beach

When you reach the beach, you will know the justification of its naming. The beach is located in the north part of the island. Its long marine drive and white sands give the flavor of a little heaven on the earth.

The only thing that may bother is the crowd. But, it can be a good option for partying along with the crowd. None will mind!

  • Palancar Beach

Love snorkeling? Then Playa Palancar is the perfect place for you in Cozumel. The Palancar Reef is near the beach. If you are a beginner level diver, the place is safe enough for diving. But taking an expert is always the best option for the maximum safety. You will get the scuba gear from the nearby shacks.

  • Stingray Beach

The best part of Stingray beach is swimming with them. They are completely harmless and you can go deep in there without any scuba gear. A day in here will be really refreshing. The beach is located in San Miguel.

Wildlife Tours!

Each city of the Quintana Roo is enriched with wildlife adventures. Cozumel has one of the best eco-parks of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is called “Punta Sur Eco Beach Park”.

Inside the park, there are hundreds of things to experience.

Lighthouse: Faro Celerain Lighthouse is basically a museum having a plenty of Mexican marine specimens. The lighthouse was used to direct the ships of the Caribbean Sea and still in use.

El Caracol: Are you thirsty about ancient civilization? El Caracol will give you a small projection of the Mayan Civilization in Cozumel.

The Mayan Ruins are kept in good care so that tourists get to know the history of Mexico properly.

Laguna Colombia: Keep this part of your tour in the eco-park at the last part. The place is great for swimming.

Species: The most attractive thing of Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is the availability of different Mexican animals. You will find crocodile, tortoise, and iguanas. Also, the birds are kept in a free environment.

You will enjoy the chirping sound of birds in the evening. Take your family and friends in the park for an all-day program.


Cozumel is most probably the best place for buying arts and crafts souvenirs. The downtown of Cozumel has a lot of small shops.

In those shops, you can look for sculptures, jewelry, and wooden showpieces. Bien Raices and Galeria Azul are two shops for finding the best artwork and crafts.


None dares to ignore the world famous Mexican food and Cozumel is the central point of those foods. The Mayan cuisine reminds you of the lost civilization of the country.

In your lunch and dinner, make a plan for eating at Parque Benito Juarez or Casa Denis. They are great places to ENJOY the making of delicious Mexican foods.

A Little Bit of Mexico

Don’t you have enough time for visiting the whole of Mexico? Well, Mexico Park is offering you to explore the best places in the country at one place!

The miniatures of Chichen Itza, Tulum, and other Mayan civilization are worth to pay a visit.

When to Visit?

Mexico is a tropical country and the Yucatan Peninsula is open for all seasons. But, Cozumel gets is proper beauty in spring. According to tour experts and regular travelers, May-June is the best time to go in Cozumel.

And, it becomes crowded in December-January. So, if you love people surrounding you and partying, choose this part of the year. That will become the best experience of your life!

Where to Stay

The people of Cozumel are dependable on fishing and tourism. So, there are a lot of beachside resorts and hotels. Depending on your budget, book a resort or a large room in a hotel. If you have a plan of staying for a week, it is good to become a paying guest.

Transportation inside the City

Cozumel has a lot of car rental services. Also, you will find intercity buses and trams. These are affordable for everyone.

Cozumel bears the years old Mexican and Mayan culture. It has all the elements to give the tourists a lifetime enjoyment. Take your time and make a plan. Visit Cozumel and enjoy a vibe of partying everywhere. Have fun!


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