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Chunchucmil: The Mysterious Mayan City

Chunchucmil: The Mysterious Mayan City

The modern Yucatan state was once ruled by one of the most advanced civilizations of the world, the Mayan Civilization. They built cities all around the state. Chunchucmil is one of those Mayan cities. For tourists visiting such a lovely historical place enhances the enjoyment.

Chunchucmil is not like the other Mayan archaeological sites. It was undiscovered for a long time because of having no trace. After the first excavation, archaeologists realized the true importance of the city.

Chunchucmil: How to Get There?

First of all, this Mayan ruin is only twenty-seven kilometer far from the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the tourists usually rent a combi or a private car to get in there. It takes 2 hours by car from Merida. If you wish to go from Uxmal, this will take one and a half hour to reach the site.

The road to Chunchucmil is full of natural beauty. The landscape of the Mexican countryside mesmerizes each of the tourists. However, there are some places without any sign of life. These will be more interesting and adventurous.

What Will We See in Chunchucmil?

The archaeologists have excavated some important temples and houses. Not all of them are in good form. But they are worth visiting. The place is not open to tourists. As soon as you enter the Mayan culture opens up right in front of you.

The central temple is recently reconstructed using the modern tricks and keeping the basic architectural structure. And, by using the aerial photographic technology, the archaeologists have found more than eight pyramids surrounding the place.

According to the recent discoveries, Chunchucmil is considered as one of the most inseparable parts of Chichen Itza. But, the place was never ruled by one government. The engraved texts on the temple provide some interesting pieces of evidence.

Five different political powers have ruled the place. You will see the nearest walls made by the ancient Mayan people. These walls have witnessed a lot of wars.

In the middle of the site, there is an ancient market structure. Archaeologists believe that the market was used by the people near Merida. Sometimes, the place was used as a stoppage for the ships coming through the Gulf of Mexico.

When you finish visiting the main site, you can go to the Campeche Yucatan. That green-oriented reserve with a plenty of species is truly a great place. There are some Mexican tribes still living in the forest.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to pass a day with them. Tourists are not allowed to enter some areas inside the forest. Apart from this, the whole reserve can give you more enjoyment along with the Chunchucmil.

Things to Do Before Going Chunchucmil

The place is in a remote area. So, you must organize the transportation to get back to the hotel. Taking a tour guide is a must. Because of being located in a distant place, the journey to Chunchucmil can be devastating.

It will be best to start the journey in the morning and take lunch along with you. There are a very few restaurants near the place.

As Chunchucmil is under the final excavating process, there is not enough arrangement of hotels. The Yucatan department of tourism suggests getting back in Merida or Uxmal before the sundown due to maximum safety.

If you wish to visit the Gulf of Mexico from Chunchucmil, it will be good to follow the weather forecast. Also, take sunscreen and umbrella while your visit to the ancient ruins.

Finally, Chunchucmil has not become a suitable tourist place yet. The place is under control by the state. But the time will pass perfectly here. Enjoy the actual beauty and culture of the ancient Mayan civilization. Have fun!

Chunchucmil Hacienda Henequelera!

Chunchucmil Hacienda Henequelera!


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