Mexico & Chichen Itza: The Largest Mayan City of the Yucatan Peninsula

Chichen Itza: The Largest Mayan City of the Yucatan Peninsula

Chichen Itza: The Largest Mayan City of the Yucatan Peninsula

Do you want to become the witness of one of the most advanced civilizations of the world? The Mexican Mayan civilization was an advanced civilization. They created the dynasty centering the Yucatan Peninsula.

Still, there remain some ruins of that civilization in a city called Chichen Itza. During your trip to Mexico, do not forget to include a visit to Chichen Itza.

Location of the Chichen Itza and How to Get In

First of all, this well-decorated Mayan city is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. The nearest town is Merida. You can directly get in the Chichen Itza from the Cancun International Airport.

The site is 100 miles away from the airport. You may need to get on a bus or rent a car for reaching the city. However, people go to Chichen Itza using two different routes.

Firstly, you can take the direct highway from Cancun to Merida. This is quite a normal trip.

If you have a rented automobile, it will be more interesting to take an alternative route named Libre. The route is preferable as you can experience the Mexican countryside and villages. The road is quite adventurous. That is why you should be careful about not occurring a crash with the inhabitants or animals.

“Well, I am in Chichen Itza. Now, where should I go?”


Yes. You can simply start from anywhere after entering into the archaeological site. But we recommend starting with El Castillo. Some planning is required due to more than 20 places that will keep you busy on the whole trip at the Chichen Itza. Let’s have a look at some of them!

  • El Castillo: Also known as the Kukulcan Pyramid. This was the city center of the Chichen Itza. Basically, most of the political, regional and economic activities were operated from this place.

  • Warrior’s Temple: Archaeologists discovered that the Mayan warriors went to pray in here before going to a war. You may also go in there. It is a good chance to get motivated. Don’t miss the chance to take a picture at Chac Mool.

  • Great Ball Court: The Mayan was a civilized nation. They introduced some outstanding sports. The ball courts of Chichen Itza bear the memory of their sport-loving attitude.

  • El Caracol: The Mayan civilization used to believe in astrology and astronomy. That is why they created EL Caracol for observing the planets, stars, and asteroids. Their thirst for knowledge is truly enjoyable for the tourists.

A copy of the famous ancient Mayan calendar is also available here. You can buy a replica as a souvenir (though it may cost you a lot for sure).

  • Akab Dzib: If you want to see some ancient form of handwriting and fonts, go to Akab Dzib. It includes a plenty of hieroglyphic contents written in the classical Mexican period.

  • Chichen the Old one: After you complete visiting the main site, there is a plenty of small Mayan buildings near the central archaeological site. It is called the Old Chichen. The site is still under excavation. But you may go there to get to know the technique of excavating a civilization.

These are the main attraction in the Chichen Itza. Once you are done with these, there are more left! The Cenote of sacrifice, Deer’s House, Red House, Xtoloc Cenote and many more places are scattered inside. It will take a whole day to complete the tour.


The Mayan Calendar!

The Mayan Calendar!



“Is There Anything Else in Chichen Itza Rather Than Just Archaeological Sites?”

Of course, there is!

Chichen Itza was a holy city according to the belief of the Mayan people. Yaxkin Spa is a specialized Mayan spa that represents the old spa technique. If you are interested in knowing the Mayan beautification secret, taking the spa is a must!

A cenote is always the hotcake for tourists. These sinkholes of water refresh the body and mind instantly. The Chichen Itza is surrounded by some of the best cenotes in the whole peninsula. Cenote Ik Kil is one of them. Swim in the water after a successful trip in the Chichen Itza.

Cenote of Sacrifice and Xtoloc Cenote bear scars of a cruel Mayan history. With special permission and precautions from the tourism department, the place worth watching.

Before you go back to the modern world, buy a cloth from the Maya Hut or Toh Boutique. They sell the most stunning Mayan Handmade textiles.

Thinking about eating? Don’t worry! Hacienda Chichen is a famous spot for getting all sorts of foods. But we recommend taking the special Mayan dishes to get the best feel from the city.

Getting Back or Staying in the Chichen Itza

The return depends upon your total tour plan. Either you can finish the tour by taking a direct bus to Cancun or continue the tour visiting the Playa del Carmen, another great tourist city.

In case of staying at Chichen Itza, Valladolid is a good option. It is just forty kilometers away from the city and contains a lot of hotels and resorts.

Hotel Hacienda Chichen, Dolores Alba, and Lemurian Embassy Eco Retreat Chichen Itza are the most renowned places for staying. But the crowd is quite huge. So, you need to book a room before visiting the Chichen Itza.

Is there any risk of crime?

No. Chichen Itza is completely safe for tourists. While the place is under observation of the tourism and security department of the Quintana Roo. This is why roam around the city without any hassles.

What is the Best Time to Visit Chichen Itza?

The best time will be in March. There is the Descent of Kukulcan ceremony from 19th to 21st March. That is a great ceremony to witness.

Finally, Chichen Itza is a place full of archaeological facts, ruins, sculptures, and statues. Visit it with your friends and family. Take pictures and enjoy the vibe of an advanced ancient civilization. ENJOY!


Chichen Itza from Playa del Carmen


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