Chetumal: The City of Mexican History

Chetumal: The City of Mexican History

Chetumal: The City of Mexican History

Chetumal. It is waving at you for exhibiting a piece of Mexican history.

Are you visiting Quintana Roo of Mexico? If yes or you have a future plan for spending a whole holiday here, we recommend you to pay a visit to the capital of this state.

“Chetumal! Where is it in Mexico?”

First of all, the city is in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico which is one of the most targeted places for tourists. It situated at the center of Quintana Roo state.

The recently established airport has increased the importance of this city. Because of having museum, archeological sites and a lot of attractions, this has become a popular tourist spot of the peninsula.

“What Brings People at Chetumal?”

Though there are not huge beaches like Playa del Carmen or cenotes like Cozumel; Chetumal has some outstanding sites worth visiting. Take a look!


Undoubtedly, Chetumal has an enriched museum with a lot of historical collections. And, you can have a tour with the following plan.

  • Museum of Mayan Culture: If you have tremendous interest in the enriched Mayan civilization, this place is a must-to-go. You will get a projection of their lifestyles and tools.

  • Centro Cultural de las Bellas Artes: Do you love fine arts? It is the central cultural museum for exhibiting the regional fine arts. Also, the museum itself is a historical piece. This one is considered the oldest school of the state.

  • City Museum: It is about Chetumal which was founded in 1898. You can see the different stages that the city has faced in this place.


Feeling stressed? Take a walk on the famous Boulevard of Chetumal. You’ll be relaxed watching the beautiful view of the city. When you start feeling hungry, grab a bite from nearby restaurants.


Every city of the Yucatan Peninsula has at least one biological reserve. Though Chetumal is small, it has an outstanding reserve called Biouniverzoo. The most attractive part of this place is exhibiting the extinct biological species.

And, if you have an interest in enjoying the natural beauty at night, book an evening tour. This will allow you to get closer to the nocturnal animals of the Quintana Roo.

Azul and Bacalar

No Yucatan City is fulfilled without a cenote. And, Chetumal has a comparatively more stunning cenote of the whole state, Cenote Azul. While Cenote Azul gives you the opportunity of scuba diving, the Bacalar opens up with a mixing of seven colors.

Bacalar is a famous lagoon of the area. The water is not only blue but a mix of seven colors. That is the specialty of the place. You can book a boat trip or underwater diving here.

Being side by side, spend a whole day visiting Azul and Bacalar. The day will be awesome!


Archeological Sites

Chetumal had to face a lot of pirate attacks and it caused damages to the archeological sites. There are two most visited sites in the city which are also considered as the most important places in the whole state.

  • Kohunlich: This place was for the elites of the Mayan civilization. The Mask’s Temple also indicates to the truth of this statement. You can get a view to the settlements of the civilization as well as their handwritten documents on worshipping.

  • Dzibanche: The site is famous for Mayan temples. It reflects the architectural abilities of the Mayan. Still, anthropologists are studying the place for identifying the advancement of the people Keep half of your day for the place. You don’t want to miss the chance of taking a view from the temple roof!


Are you missing a casino during the holiday? The Chetumal has some highly recommended casinos. Belize zone for free is one of them. Enjoy a whole evening of gambling, drinking and making money with luck!

“ Nice! How Can I Reach Chetumal?”

As we stated earlier that the city has an international airport, you can directly reach there from any corner of the world. If you are planning for a detour in the city during the holiday, it will be easier to grab a plan from Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Also, you may get on the ADO bus from Xul-Ha or Corozal. This will take time, but saves money!

Chetumal: The Quintana Roo state capital.

Chetumal: The Quintana Roo state capital.

“Where Will I Stay in Chetumal?

First of all, the Hotel Casa Blanca and Hotel Los Cocos are the two most famous hotels and comfortable to stay.

You can also rent a resort for the maximum comfort near the bay or the boulevard.

“When is the best time of the year for visiting?”

Anytime! Chetumal is an ideal place for visiting at any time of the year.

Therefore, include Chetumal on your tour. Make your holiday more special. Have fun!



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