Piñata - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Piñata tradition at Playa del Carmen Parties

Piñata tradition at Playa del Carmen Parties In Mexico the piñata is present in our lives since we were little and consist of a game of hanging a certain distance from the ground a container, usually full of sweets, to break it with sticks with blindfolds. ¡Dale, dale dale! When we say piñata, we imagine one shaped […]

History Mexican Music – Prehispanic to Revolution (Part I)

History Mexican Music  Prehispanic to Revolution (Part I) First of all Mexico, a pluricultural country par excellence is a colorful mosaic in which its music, dances and the beauty of its traditional dress stand out. Prehispanic Mexico. Archaeological vestiges of 9000 years a.c. Discover us that Mexico was the cradle of many aboriginal cultures. Art, […]

Oh the places you´ll go. - ENJOY Playa del Carmen

Popular Sayings / Refranes Populares – Part I

Refranes Populares – Mexican Popular Sayings Plan your trip to Playa del Carmen and find the most common Mexican popular sayings! Phrases of Mexican popular origin traditionally repeated invariably, in which a moral thought, advice or teaching is expressed. * Cuando el río suena, agua lleva  – If the river makes a noise it because water is […]

Fiesta Quince Años - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

XV years Party, a traditional celebration in Mexico

XV years Party, a traditional celebration in Mexico First of all, the party of Quince – XV is perhaps the most anticipated moment in young adolescents. It marks a transcendent event in their lives. At the same time, it allows highlighting some aspects of Mexican society that have changed as time goes by.   “The party […]

Activities in Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Activities in Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya

Activities in Playa del Carmen & Things to do in Riviera Maya   First of all, The Fishermans Village – One of the most exciting places in the world! Mayan Ruins, Beaches, Cenotes, Water Sports, Fishing, Eco Parks, great nightlife and lots of fun. People from around the world grab a plane ticket directly to Cancun every year. This is the nearest airport to Playa […]

Riviera Maya Cities & Towns - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Riviera Maya Cities & Towns

Riviera Maya Cities & Towns – A King of Tourist Spots First of all, Mexico is heaven for holiday loving people. This country has some outstanding locations full of natural and archaeological sites. Among these all, Riviera Maya is a must-to-go place for travelers. So, you may ask, “Why people go to the Riviera Maya?” […]

Los Danzantes Mezcal - Playa del Carmen ENJOY

Mezcal the new Mexican trending drink

Mezcal is obtained from the distillation of a plant call maguey or agave Agave is one of the few vegetables that provide man with home, clothing, sustenance, and health. Archaeological evidence indicates that more than 10,000 years ago nomadic and semi-nomadic groups used different types of agave for the extraction of fibers and as food. […]

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