Becan: The Mayan City of the Ditch - Mayan Ruin

Becan: The Mayan City of the Ditch

Becan: The Mayan City of the Ditch

Where are you planning your next vacation? It will be a good option to choose the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Along with the Caribbean Beaches, cenotes and ecological reserves, you can witness some of the most popular ruins of the world. Becan is one of them.

Becan was built by the Mayans during the pre-Colombian age. The city is located at the middle of the state and surrounded by other ruins. Balamku, Xpuhil, and Calakmul were connected with Becan through ancient sacbes.

Archaeological value of the City

Tourists go visiting the Becan ruins not only for spending a day but also for learning the ancient Mexican Art and culture. Till the date, archaeologists have found out the most prominent relics from the excavated areas. The whole ruin is surrounded by a ditch to protect the city from invaders.

The city was a central site for the Mayans and that is why it had to face a plenty of battles. People living in Becan were from different occupations. Some of them were involved in trading by ships and some were warriors. A few years back, a Royal tomb was discovered after an excavation. The resources inside the grave provide that the city had witnessed a lot of riches.

How to Get in Becan

The easiest way to reach the city is taking a combi or taxicab from Campeche. The city is visited by more than 2 million tourists annually. So, there are plenty of options and tour agencies nearby the area. You can also keep this as a detour from Calakmul.

This is in the middle of the biosphere reserve. That is why you may have to maintain some rules before bringing your car in the spot. After entering, the pyramids and other infrastructures will remind you of a great civilization.

What to See in Becan

  • Pyramid: The best part of the city is pyramids. Some of them are still under excavation process. The largest one is quite interesting and it has some resemblance to the Egyptian pyramids.

    Archaeologists are in dilemma of finding the lookalike structures.

The Becan pyramids are easily accessible if you don’t have vertigo. While excavating the highest one, an archaeologist fell from the top and died. So, you must take responsibility on your own.

  • Buildings: There are more than 650 buildings are available to visit. These were used for living by the population. Most of them are generic looking. However, you will see the Becan mask engraved on the walls and columns of some buildings. The columns have a remarkable Rio Bec style. It bears the memory of an architecturally genius civilization.

  • Plaza: Tourists enjoy the most when they go to Becan Plazas. Actually, these were the central places of the city. Whenever there was an issue raised, people reached to these centers. East, west and central plaza provide an overview to the archaeologists about the administrative structure of Becan.

People of Becan used to live in a well0established administration.

  • Tombs: One of the places in the site is a graveyard for the royal family of Becan. In that graveyard, there is also a place for sacrificing. The Mayans believed that sacrificing before burial may keep their ancestors safe in the afterlife.

The tombs were built mostly in the pre-Hispanic period. And, tourists love to see the ancient graves decorated with sun and monster faces. The excavators have preserved every part of the grave properly for getting an idea about the place.

  • Ditch: Becan is also known as the ditch city. A man-made water canal was dug surrounding the city for protection. It simply disconnected the enemy to enter inside. Also, the security of Becan was maintained through it.

  • Monuments and Sculptures: Most of the monuments are still to be discovered. The excavated ones are preserved well on the site. The sculptures were used for worshipping their gods and warriors. However, the monuments are totally in good shape.

Becan: The Mayan City of the Ditch

Becan: The Mayan City of the Ditch

Where to Stay in Becan

The place requires only four hours for visiting. Staying at night is not necessary. And, staying is prohibited for the safety of tourists as it is in the middle of a jungle. Tourists can easily get back to Campeche or Chetumal after the tour.

Safety, Buying and Eating in Becan

There are some restaurants nearby. Bring your lunch to save some money during the trip. Also, the souvenir shops in this place are quite pricey. You should avoid them and buy the same thing from Chetumal or Campeche.

To stay safe, carry an umbrella and use sunscreen. Keep iguanas in a distance. Do not damage any relic.

Becan is a quiet yet a popular Mayan ruin city. You can see the variety of infrastructure there. The time will be well-spent. Enjoy the tour!



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