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Akumal: The Heaven of Turtles

Akumal: The Heaven of Turtles

For a perfect holiday planning in Mexico, reserving a week in Akumal is a must. This small but highly entertaining place is located in Riviera Maya of Quintana Roo.

Akumal is fulfilled with a lot of archaeological and natural sites. Each of these places in Akumal will give you the feeling of an exciting and adventurous tour in Mexico.

How to Reach Akumal?

As we stated earlier that Akumal is a small town with beaches and beautiful natural beauties. To reach directly, you need to get on a plane for Cancun International Airport. Akumal is 100 kilometer from the airport. Either you can get on a bus for two hours long journey, or take the intercity train.

Also, ADO bus service is quite popular in the Yucatan Peninsula. The direct service will take you to Playa del Carmen. Hire a cab or car from there and that will lead you to Akumal.

“Ok. Is the Stay Comfortable?”

The major income source of the Akumal’s population is tourism and fishing. This is why no tourist has to suffer for finding a comfortable shelter.

There are hotels and luxury resorts. Hotel rooms are cheaper than the resorts. But, to spend a holiday along with your family, renting a beachside resort will be really a good option.

What are the Best Attractions?

A lot of!

Every year more than five million people visit this small town in order to enjoy the entertaining sea breeze and sunlight. Also, the Mayan ruins of Akumal, Coba is known as one of the most ancient towns built by the Mayans. There are more. Want to find out? Let’s have a look!


The actual beauty of Akumal is the turtle. While walking on a beach, you will see a numerous number of signboards for staying far from turtles.

Loggerheaded turtles and Green Sea turtles are the major two kinds that you can see on the beaches. Aren’t you satisfied them watching on the earth?

Well, you will get a chance for snorkeling, swimming and play with turtles underwater. All you need is a local guide and snorkeling gear. This one hour tour will give you the maximum entertainment for the whole trip!


Yal Ku Lagoon is another place to get wet. Swimming in this quiet water is so refreshing that you will forget the beaches of Akumal!

The blue water

of the lagoon is just ten meters deep. The surface of the lagoon is filled with planktons. That view worth watching!

Half Moon Bay

If you find the rest of the town vibrant and noisy, the calm, quiet and serene environment of Half Moon Bay will be sufficient to relax your nerves.

The seashore comes out as a beautiful site in the moonlight. You may find turtles if you are lucky!

Cenote Santa Cruz

The limestone pillars of Cenote Santa Cruz are waiting to mesmerize you! Its beauty lies not only in watching but also hearing. The soft thudding of water inside the cenote creates a magical moment.

There are more stunning pieces of beauty lie on the walls of this cave. The cenote is comparatively better than any other cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Cenote Santa Cruz a Playa del Carmen ENJOY pick!

Cenote Santa Cruz a Playa del Carmen ENJOY pick!


Who misses the opportunity to live a day in a Mayan City? Coba, the Mayan Ruins of Akumal is situated near the main town. You can visit and stay at Coba for a whole day during the trip.

Nohoch Mul is the highest pyramid built by Mayans in the whole Yucatan Peninsula. Explore plenty of homes, temples, and graves. These are preserved especially for the tourists to take a look at one of the most advanced civilizations of the world.


This ecological park has all the ingredients to make your holiday unforgettable. It has beautiful beaches, trees and an outstanding reflection of wildlife.

There are water rides and kayaking tours. Also, the Aventura Cenote is highly recommended for everyone who wants to get an exciting feeling of caves.

If you just want to float on the water, grab a tube and go to Black Lagoon. The calm water is just like the natural swimming pool. Enjoy an entire day in the park.

What to Eat in Akumal

Seafood of Akumal has a special recognition in the Yucatan Peninsula. You will find some large restaurants in the main town. Enter any one of them and order special dishes and Mexican sauces.

Don’t forget to taste the special red wine of Akumal. The turtle eggs are now rare, but you can find them in restaurants.

Nightlife of Akumal

In a word, delightful! The city gains its actual beauty at night. There are parties everywhere and you can get entrance in anywhere. Just grab a bottle of beer and start partying.

The city is safe for traveling at night. You need not worry if it is late. Grab a taxi or take a walk. People here are very hospitable and polite. The crime rate is nearly zero in Akumal.


To roam within Akumal, there are several options. For driving, you can rent a car or a jeep. In order to save money, rent a bike. It is more convenient. Bike around the city and it will not cost you much. If you want to go far, you can take the intercity buses.

The boat is also a good transport for tourists. Ferries from Tulum to Akumal and Akumal to Playa del Carmen are available. Hop in for a nice journey by ferry.

Akumal is okay for visiting any time of the year. But we recommend traveling in March-April. The sea remains quiet and calm. Also, there is less chance of a storm or tornado.

Akumal can be the next spot for your vacation. Everything related to the city has its own tone of greeting. Accept it and take a long tour. Enjoy!

Distance and map from Playa del Carmen to Akumal

Distance: 38.9 km / 24.2 miles

Time: 32 minutes by car

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